The MARIUS TILLY BAND is back in the studio

Marius_Tilly_Band_Studio_2015 are very curious about what the MARIUS TILLY BAND will be creating in the studio at the moment. Following the outstanding second studio album “Come Together”, which has already been released via MIG Music, we are awaiting the next masterpiece. We will keep you informed about the progress. May the muse be with them!


WUCAN ‘King Korea’ video

After the successful Metal Hammer premiere the new ‘King Korea’ video is now also available via Youtube.

“Deep Purple’s ”No No No“ has been a special influence for us along with an old TV appearance of Uriah Heep with ”The Wizard“. Watching with today’s perspective this feels very trashy, but also no way simulated. That’s something that fascinates many bands nowadays, not only us. Back in the (more…)