The first releases of MIG’s new jazz label Moosicus: Albert Mangelsdorff, Atom String Quartet and Leon Redbone

The administrative essentials are completed, and finally, it is all about the music again. The series of historic recordings from the archives of the NDR which have been released by Moosicus titled “NDR 60 Years Jazz Edition“, will be continued as  “NDR Jazz Edition“.

At first, “ALBERT MANGELSDORFF – THE JAZZ SEXTET” will be launched in this series. The recording from the Hamburg (more…)


The British folk rock musician Iain Matthews (aka Ian Matthews and co-founder of the folk rock legend Fairport Convention among others), has reformed his band MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT and is currently in the studio to record the bands’ official and fifth album only with his new companions.

Since the success of the album “Later That Same Year” with MCA Records MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT were seen as British (more…)

New signing: MIG welcomes Gavin Sutherland

The ink is still wet – so to speak – so fresh is the signature on the contracts with Gavin Sutherland. As there might be one or another who could use a brush-up for the name “Sutherland”, here comes a little bit of rock-historical tutoring.

Gavin is the younger brother of the Scottish folk duo Iain and Gavin Sutherland, known under the name Sutherland (more…)

The squintaloo – In the sign of the wrathful OMA

Innumerable years he has spent in dark cellars, behind closed doors, in midst of heaps of sheet music and instruments, chewing on cable salad, brooding and hell-bent on blinking tentatively into the light of day for the first time again – the squintaloo.

What is this squintaloo? He stands under the rule of a mysterious, extremely powerful, dark and often furious OMA. The squintaloo (more…)