Klaus Schulze: The electronic music legend celebrates his 70th birthday

A look back into the Nineties, to Berlin. In the then editorial offices of the techno mag Frontpage publisher  Jürgen Lahrmann and Klaus Schulze are standing at the window. On the street down below a huge crowd is moving along, dancing to booming beats – the Love Parade. “Look, Klaus”, Lahrmann grins, “what you’ve caused!” Since that time Schulze is considered as “godfather of techno” and younger generations are discovering (more…)

WUCAN – Reap The Storm – In Stores September 29, 2017

“Blood, sweat and tears, but our album is finally done.”
– Wucan, July 2017

With the release of their debut album in autumn 2015, WUCAN from Dresden crossed the magic threshold between an insider’s tip to a celebrated newcomer. “Sow The Wind” is an energetic heavy rock statement which despite all its directness is not above kraut rock extravaganza. Afterward, they went on tour. (more…)

The American Blues Blast Magazine nominated the Champion Jack Dupree Rockpalast


In early May, the American web magazine “Blues Blast” nominated our release of the Champion Jack Dupree Rockpalast as one of the best “Historical Or Vintage Recording” of the year. To belong to the circle of nominees is already an honor because, because with its 36.000 subscribers in all 50 states and in more than 90 countrys “Blues Blast” is the world’s biggest (more…)