MIG releases Reggae rarity “Rastaman” by Jah Woosh


At the end of June all reggae fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Because then the lost Jah Woosh album “Rastaman”, released in Germany in 1981, will finally be available again – long out of stock as vinyl and wanted by collectors. “Rastaman” was recorded on Jamaica in the Channel 1 Studios and mixed in King Tubby’s Studio by dub specialist “King (more…)

Industrial metal band HELL-O-MATIC sign with MIG music


Would you make these gentlemen an offer, not to mention a contract?

Okay, we did it … for good reason!

On the one hand HELL-O-MATIC is new and unspent, on the other hand behind this industrial rock monster are experienced adversaries who have already repelled their horns in many ways.

New because they’ve managed to create their own style with a high recognition value in a (more…)