Dear Jazz and Rock fans,

we are releasing with JACK BRUCE & hr-BIGBAND – “More Jack Than Blues” a highly recommendable concert out of 2004 via our label MIG. Bass idol and singer JACK BRUCE, who always wandered between the worlds of Jazz and Rock musically, is intrerpreting together with the hr-Bigband under the direction of Jörg Achim Keller his hits in a bigband arrangement. This connection sets fire immediately and you can experience classics out of the CREAM days like “White Room” and “Sunshine Of Your Love” next to Jack Bruce hits like “We’re Going Wrong” and “Spoonful” played with great passion on both sides. This enthusiasm jumps over to the listener and viewer just as naturally.

This Jazz/Rock- gem will have its street date on 27th November 2015. You can find detailed information to this Product via the link below to the product site:

JACK BRUCE & hr-BIGBAND – “More Jack Than Blues”