Rob Tognoni – New studio album “Rebel”

The “Tasmanian Devil” Rob Tognoni is back. After his last album “Catfish Cake” was unfortunately released in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and all touring ambitions of the exceptional Australian guitarist were thrown out of the window, Rob is back. On the road – this year his tour has already taken him through half of Europe – and in the studio (more…)

Teddy Lasry – Re-release of the successful and highly acclaimed 1976 album “e=mc²²_1500x1500px72dpi.jpg

Paris-born Teddy Lasry was a member of the experimental French progressive rock band Magma, with whom he developed the genre of Zeuhl (= celestial music) and the artistic language of Kobaïan for the lyrics. With Magma, Lasry recorded the highly successful albums “Magma”, “2” (originally “1001° Centigrades”) and “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh”. “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh” was the commercial breakthrough for Magma, the band had (more…)

Guitar player Axel Heilhecker becomes new member of Agitation Free

Foto: Jim Rakete
From left to right: Daniel Cordes, Michael Hoenig, Burghard Rausch, Axel Heilhecker, Lutz Graf-Ulbrich

We are happy to announce that we have been able to win the great guitar player Axel Heilhecker as a new band member for the planned Agitation Free concerts. With his soulful, virtuoso guitar style, documented on his numerous albums, various music projects such as with Harald (more…)

Electronic music icon Michel Geiss signs with M.i.G.

His name may be less known in Germany, but in France’s music scene Michel Geiss is a solid institution. And this is not only due to his long-standing collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre. As a sound designer, arranger, studio and stage musician, producer and sound engineer, he was involved in most of Jean-Michel Jarre’s projects from 1976 to 1995. The credit list of artists (more…)

Always “under steam”: Old and new stuff of Kevin Coyne will be released on the occasion of his 80th. anniversary Foto: Fotodesign Gerd Dollhopf

“I had a nightmare boogie one last night / I dreamed I was trapped in a hall full of golden discs / Somebody said to me: *Which one is yours?* / And I had to confess I hadn`t got one”.
The nightmare Kevin Coyne describes in his song “Having a Party” (1978) was real. During his lifetime, the English musician, (more…)

Experimental Rock Legend AGITATION FREE return with new album “Momentum”

The pioneers of German experimental rock music, Agitation Free, are making a groundbreaking return with a long-awaited album titled “Momentum,” set to be released on November 24, 2023, by MIG Music based in Hannover, Germany. The band, which in the early 70s presented a unique fusion of improvised rock, electronics, ethno, jazz, world, and trance elements, has once again showcased their creative brilliance.(more…)

M.i.G. now exploits the EARTHSTAR catalog

EARTHSTAR was an interesting project of the US musician Craig Wuest. The band was assigned to the genre of electronic music and ambient. Although the musicians came from Utica/N.Y. a lot of journalists and fans called their style “Krautrock”.
The band outed itself as an ardent admirer of this music genre as well, especially of German electronic artists like Neu, Cluster, Roedelius (more…)

OMAR & THE HOWLERS release new live album

In 1973 OMAR & THE HOWLERS were founded in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by guitarist and vocalist Omar Dykes, Shortly after the musicians moved to Austin, Texas. However, the band disbanded because some members felt they could not make a living from music. But Omar decided to stay in Austin and looked for new feloow musicians. With “Big Leg Beat” the first longplayer was (more…)

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