On March, 23rd. 1987, the British Mute label released LAIBACH’s “Opus Dei”. The album includes, inter alia, a specific “Laibach” – interpretation of “Live Is Life”, the big single hit of the Austrian rockgroup Opus (one as a German version under the name “Leben heißt Leben” as well as an English version under the title “Opus Dei”) and also the interpretation of the Queen track “One Vision” (in German under “Geburt einer Nation”). The sound of LAIBACH had become more commercial, the avant-garde and industrial parts gave way in favour to LAIBACH’s “militant classicism”, the band had found its style. LAIBACH went on tour, now playing in larger halls and clubs in Europe. On 12th October 1987 the band made a stop at the Bremen Schlachthof in Germany. Here the live album “Bremermarsch” was recorded, which is now released almost 33 years later. In spring 2020 during the “lockdown” LAIBACH had edited the “old” original recordings and digitally mastered them in their studio. The recordings sound fresh and unspent, the sound is fantastic, the mood in the audience as well. And that LAIBACH is performing the “hits” such as “Die Liebe”, “Life is Life” and “Geburt einer Nation” (Birth of a Nation) can almost be taken for granted.