EARTHSTAR was an interesting project of the US musician Craig Wuest. The band was assigned to the genre of electronic music and ambient. Although the musicians came from Utica/N.Y. a lot of journalists and fans called their style “Krautrock”.
The band outed itself as an ardent admirer of this music genre as well, especially of German electronic artists like Neu, Cluster, Roedelius and notably Klaus Schulze. Craig Wuest contacted Klaus Schulze and he was so enthusiastic about the talent of EARTHSTAR that he invited the band to move to Germany to record and exploit their music from there. The first EARTHSTAR album “Salterbury Tales” (1978) was still released on the US label Moontower Records, parts of the second album “French Skyline” were still recorded in Utica, but the final album was already released in 1979 on the renowned German SKY label of Günther Körber. EARTHSTAR and Klaus Schulze continued to work together until 1982, after which the musicians went back home to the States and their own ways. So the band EARTHSTAR was history.
Daniel Zongrone, once multi-instrumentalist in the service of EARTHSTAR, visited Hannover a couple of days ago and has signed the rights for the complete exploitation of the EARTHSTAR catalog to M.i.G. Besides the rereleases of the four studio albums from 1978 to 1982 – for the first time then also available digitally – there is plenty of unreleased bonus material.
The photo shows Daniel Zongrone with M.i.G. Ceo Manfred Schütz