Black as Chalk release music video for their Single Snake Handler.

New album Ouro by the band from Göttingen to be released September 14th 2018.

For this, the Band produced a video with filmmakers EneMeneMovie from Göttingen, in which Florian Donath from Deutsches Theater Göttingen plays the leading role. From this emerged a captivating music video where the protagonist flees through a kafkaesque office maze from ‒ literally ‒ faceless colleagues.

The fourth studio album by the indie pioneers from Göttingen will be released this fall. “It’s a cliche”, singer and guitar player Julian Schima says. “But our new album really is the best we have ever recorded”. After some changes in personnel – the piano had to go – the band has recently been showing off a more rock-orientated and direct approach during live shows. This new, more rustic sound is what they wanted to get on tape. This goal was achieved and the single provides a glimpse of that. “While we experimented with new sounds and to some extent also with synthesizers, Rhodes and drum machines, what distinguishes the album on a basic level is that rustic sound”, tells drummer Tim Geppert. “The void that was left by the departure of the “Well-Tempered Clavier” in the studio was filled successfully with a huge clank of cymbals”, Schima jokingly adds.

Tickets for the release show in Göttingen on Saturday, September 15th 2018 and in Hannover on Saturday, September 29th are on sale now.

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A kew’s tag present new video: „End To Start Again“

By the end of last year A kew’s tag produced a video for the song “End To Start Again” from their second studio album “Silence Of The Sirens” (Magic Mile Music). The idea behind goes back to Johannes Weik, guitar player and mastermind of the Progressive Rock band.

Together with A kew’s tag, Cologne-based cameraman Peter Heinrichs created reasonable disturbing images to illustrate an ambivalent relationship to life – in a quite uncommon style within the bounds of the genre. Actor Stephan Boettcher gives an intense presentation of his skills.

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