Before the OUTLAWS went on stage that night at the Loreley, the British blues rock legend NINE BELOW ZERO performed at the Rockpalast for the first time the same day. 15 years later, NINE BELOW ZERO played again at the Lorelei, this time with the “Band Of Friends” to give a tribute concert in honour of the Irish blues rock legend Rory Gallagher, who died the year before, because almost exactly on the day of the event (23.06.1996) Rory’s first death anniversary was marked. Ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, Robbie McIntosh of the Pretenders, Lou Martin, sideman of Rory in the 1970s, Paul Rose and the Irish folk band De Dannan supported NINE BELOW ZERO with the “Band Of Friends”. Both concerts will be released in a CD/DVD box set on 30th. Oct. 2020.