• CD
  • Date : 11.11.2011
  • Package : CD Digipack


Label: MG-ART distributed by Made In Germany Music GmbH

The second album.

Produced by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser and Dieter Dierks behind the controls. With Uli Popp (bongos), Wolfgang Müller (drums, vibraphone), Hartmut Enke (guitar, bass, electronics), Manuel Göttsching (guitar, organ, electronics, choir), Matthias Wehler (saxophone) and John L. (vocals, jaw harp, percussion).
A psychedelic masterpiece that is considered by many to be the most important album of the band.

  • Completely remastered by Manuel Göttsching
  • Epochal work of the German avant-garde and electronic



1. Light And Darkness
a) Light: Look At Your Sun
b) Darkness: Flowers Must Die
2. Schwingungen
a) Suche
b) Liebe