• Vinyl
  • Date : 31.05.2024
  • Running Time : 39:48

Roy Buchanan – You’re Not Alone

Immerse yourself in the timeless magic of legendary guitarist Roy Buchanan!

In 1969, Buchanan was offered the job as Brian Jones’ successor in the Stones. He declined with thanks and left the position to Mick Taylor and later Ron Wood.

In the 1970s, a series of albums were released, some of which were quite successful, and he lost his status as “the best unknown guitarist in the world”. Buchanan released his masterpiece “You’re Not Alone” in 1978, offering a unique blend of blues, rock and soul that captivates from the very first note.

The participation of outstanding musicians such as Ray Gomez (guitar), whose technical finesse and versatility perfectly complements Buchanan’s style, Willie Weeks (bass, Doobie Brothers and Gregg Allman Band, among others), who is known for his contribution to the fusion of rock, jazz and funk, and Sly & The Family Stone drummer Andy Newmark enriches the album and adds different musical nuances.

With this album, Roy Buchanan has created a timeless collection of songs that will delight old fans and new listeners alike. His unmistakable playing style and unique sound make this album a must for any music lover.

On August 14, 1988, Roy Buchanan committed suicide at the age of 49. He had been arrested after an argument with his wife, and law enforcement officers found the musician lifeless in his cell. His music lives on.



Side A

  1. The Opening... Miles From Earth 01:58
  2. Turn To Stone 05:48
  3. .. Night Bird 07:45
  4. 1841 Shuffle 04:14

Side B

  1. Down By The River 08:39
  2. Supernova 03:24
  3. You're Not Alone 08:00

total: 39:48 min.