• CD
  • Date : 01.12.2017
  • Package : Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 78:07

Counter-World Experience – Fraktal/Always Home

The first two albums of German progressive metal jazz band „Counter-World Experience“ were titled “Always Home” and “Fraktal” and have never been officially released before (only a few self-produced and self-distributed copies). While other progressive metal bands feel comfortable in their pigeonhole, Counter-World Experience is exploring new ways and successfully connect creative elements of metal, jazz and electronic.

No „fiddly“ ten-minute tracks and always traceable, even for music laymen. Between instrumental feats similar to those of John Petrucci or Joe Satriani, “Always Home” and “Fractal” leave enough space for dunking in counter worlds of sounds.

Playfulness meets brute rock, calm and easy moments grow into veritable rock. Mixing and sound are on an absolute international level. Dare to listen!

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  1. Fraktal 04:15
  2. Equinox 04:00
  3. Chaoslace 03:50
  4. Vortex 04:58
  5. Space Left 01:46
  6. Gaia 06:28
  7. The Virtual Factor 04:45
  8. Watercolored 06:25
  9. Brothers Of Venus, Sisters Of Mars 07:02

Always Home

  1. The Shock Experience 00:15
  2. Electric Power Overdose 05:36
  3. What’s Real? 07:31
  4. The Quest 05:24
  5. Where Are You Really Going? 01:43
  6. Always Home 06:00
  7. Chitin 07:09


CD total: 78:07