• CD
  • Date : 28.04.2017
  • Package : CD Jewel
  • Running Time CD : 48:56

Counter-World Experience – Leaving Lotus

Re-Release of the third Counter-World Experience album Leaving Lotus

The musical spectrum of Leaving Lotus surprises with ambitional performed progressive metal, pointing, not only due to the mighty double-bass inset into direction Dream Theatre, disctreet grooving rythms with accordingly guitar passages we know from the works of Pat Metheny up to elements which could came from the repertoire of Al Di Meola or John McLaughlin. Changes in tempo and dynamic, perfect build compositions, compelling to the last note.

Compared to Metronomicon, the rather experimental album, “Leaving Lotus” comes much more lyrical, beautiful and with fine textures. The captivating, virtuos playing creates amazing atmospheres.



  1. Amygdala 05:31
  2. Isis The Prism 06:01
  3. Decade Of The Brain 04:38
  4. Boy Meets World 04:15
  5. Eurobeat 06:18
  6. FeMalice – The Lobster under My Skin 06:18
  7. Interbeing 05:33
  8. Ikaros 04:45
  9. Leaving Lotus 05:37

CD total: 48:56