• CD
  • Date : 28.03.2024
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 67:48

Eloy – Chronicles I

“Chronicles I” is the first part of a retrospective of Eloy’s band history, but it is no ordinary “best of” album. All the tracks were re-recorded in 1993 and cover Eloy’s creative phase from 1977 to 1982.

“Chronicles I” is a brilliant album through and through. With barely any vocals at all, both, Frank Borneman on guitar and Michael Gerlach on synthesizer create atmosphere through sheer electronic mastery on each and every track. The reworking of the songs is symphonic rock with bite. The clarity and vibrancy of the sounds from the synthesizers take the listener by storm, while each track carries its own image. The aim of releasing this album was to bring out the tracks from the classic Eloy albums adapted to the sound possibilities of 1993 with a new dynamic.

Representing their late-’70s and early-’80s era, with tracks from “Ocean”, “Planets”, “Colours”, “Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes”, and “Time To Turn”, this “best-of” spotlights the band in the most glorious portion of their career. While much of their music does contain lyrics, isolated here is their instrumental work, overloaded with clean, explosive energy.



  1. Poseidons Creation ‘93 11:31

from “Ocean”, 1977

  1. The Apocalypse ‘93 11:05

from “Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes”, 1979

  1. Silhouette ‘93 03:11

from “Colours”, 1980

  1. Mysterious Monolith ‘93 06:12

from “Planets”, 1981

  1. Sphinx ‘93 06:23

from “Planets”, 1981

  1. Illuminations ‘93 06:19

from “Colours”, 1981

  1. End Of An Odyssey ‘93 09:16

from “Time To Turn”, 1982

  1. Time To Turn ‘93 03:35

from “Time To Turn”, 1982

  1. Spirit In Chains ‘93 05:50

unreleased, originally recorded in 1992

  1. Say, It Is Really True ‘93 04:26

from “Time To Turn”, 1982


total:   67:48 min.