• CD
  • Date : 15.12.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 42:41

Eloy – RA

“RA” was the beginning of a new era for Germany’s most successful art and progressive rock band ELOY. The previous formation had split up completely. But band’s founder, singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Frank Bornemann was still bursting with ideas that he wanted to pursue on the hitherto so successful path.

In keyboardist Michael Gerlach, he finally found a like-minded partner who was able to find his way into the band’s musical visions and create soundscapes with his perfectly suited equipment that, in combination with guitar and vocals, led to unique compositions.

“RA” addresses a topic that, from today’s perspective, seems almost prophetic in view of the fatal developments on our planet and in society. Eloy mastermind Frank Bornemann explains today that, even back then, it appeared humanity was already taking its first steps towards a new era, the consequences of which were still unforeseeable in detail, but which would irreversibly change our lives completely.

The scenario on the album, which the core content of “RA” ultimately defines and depicts still exceeds some of the limits of today’s events but is no less exciting for that. The music is undoubtedly absolutely unique.


  1. Voyager Of The Future Race 09:05
  2. Sensations 05:16
  3. Dreams 08:11
  4. Invasion Of A Megaforce 07:47
  5. Rainbow 05:25
  6. Hero 06:57

Total: 42:41 min.