• 2CD
  • Date : 29.04.2011
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD 1 : 58:12
  • Running Time CD 2 : 49:15

GrimSkunk – Skunkadelic

GRIMSKUNK are a Canadian band that already exists since 1988 and have released more than 7 albums that made them heroes not only in their home country
After 20 years as one of Canada’s most enduring and respected rock bands, GRIMSKUNK has put together a collection of songs from their previous seven albums into a fabulous double CD release, titled “Skunkadelic”, for fans and collectors alike, complete with new artwork by their main artist Benoit Robitaille!
Featuring both fan favorites and a few lesser known tracks, as well as cool new artwork, this should be a treat for GRIMSKUNK heads around the world!

The album will be released in April 2011, accompanied by a series of tour dates in Canada before GRIMSKUNK head off to Europe to tour with their good friends and legendary psychedelic metal band Voivod!



1. Silverhead
2. Don’t Hide
3. Live For Today
4. Texas Cult Song
5. No Sympathy
6. Blown To Pieces
7. Overture In E Minor
8. Psychedelic Wonder Drug
9. Mahmoud’s Dream
10. Looking For Gabbio
11. Comatose
12. Check-moi Ben Aller

1. Fires Under The Road
2. Le Gourvernment Songe
3. Watchful Elms
4. ¡Ya Basta!
5. Perestroiska
6. Gotta Find A Way
7. America Sucks
8. We Are Lords
9. Power Corrupts
10. Gormenghast
11. Circle Square Triangle
12. Rooftop Killer
+ hidden track