Joachim Kühn

I'm Not Dreaming &

  • 2CD
  • Date : 14.11.2014
  • Package : 2CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD 1 : 44:22
  • Running Time CD 2 : 55:45

Joachim Kühn – I’m Not Dreaming & Dynamics

Free jazz, free rock, rock jazz, modal jazz, sound experiments, and chamber music just to name a few. Joachim Kühn unites the most distinct expressions, forming a culture with his polystylistic experiences including romanticism, tonal and atonal qualities, modern compositions, and European but also global characteristics. The “clean style” doctrine never interested him as purism had always bored him.

He associated his name with everything including a distinct personal style as well as his improvisational and compositional handwriting. It is more complex than a one-dimensional acoustic picture of the virtuous energetic musician, the Dionysian and ecstatic friend, shimmering waterfalls, a steady pace, and than that of what the occasional testosterone-filled machismo radiates.

Each CMP album documents his sources of inspiration, which are so rich of pianists and their microcosms. Independent and uncompromising. There is a lot included in the music, but one thing isn’t for sure: mainstream.