Volker Kriegel

Biton Grooves

  • 2CD
  • Date : 25.01.2019
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 106:20

Volker Kriegel (born 1943, died 2003) is one of the best and most important German jazz guitarists of the post-war period, internationally highly acclaimed he pushed the innovation of jazz rock. The inner circle of friends around his wife Ev Kriegel has now made an incredible treasure of old recordings from his various creative phases audible again. Previously unreleased live recordings as well as well-known material from his albums have been digitized and lovingly remastered. These audiophile pearls form the “Volker Kriegel Archive”, which are now released on Moosicus.

The “Biton Grooves” were recorded between 1974 and 1981 in Frankfurt’s Biton Studios as 5 albums as so-called background music for radio and television productions. For the first time this material is now released on a double CD and forms a musical cross section through the development of fusion/jazz rock which was influenced by Volker Kriegel in several decades.


01. Hands Off
02. The Stop-Watch
03. Towards You
04. In And Out
05. In The Playground
06. Outline
07. Palm Dreams
08. Mouse-Funk
09. Madison Bold
10. Clearface Heavy
11. One Day In Summer
12. Flute Statement
13. Song For Anja
14. Soul Zebra
15. Summer Breeze
16. Soft Thunder
17. Sweet Soul Samba
18. In Your Face
19. Bahia Next Year

01. Certao
02. Dialog
03. Delay Time
04. Fly Easy
05. We Will Sing
06. El Naranjo
07. Just For You
08. Some Truck Funk
09. Big Tattoo
10. Mr.Solomon
11. I Can See You Now
12. You've Got It
13. Fortaleza
14. Walking Distance
15. Jenny Comes Back
16. Sticker
17. Batida
18. Fountain Valley