• CD
  • Date : 30.03.2012
  • Package : CD Digipac
  • Running Time CD : 1:12:21

Manuel Göttsching – Die Mulde

 Label: MG-ART distributed by  Made In Germany Music GmbH

The title track “Die Mulde” (40 min) was used as a 4-part suite for an impressive art event in the beautiful scenery of the river Mulde, near the monument Hoefgen near Leipzig,.
Goettsching delivered its picturesque electronic sounds to an installation of 34 mirrors.
The bonus track “Cry Little HP” is based on a theme from 1981.
In 2004, Goettsching added  a guitar melody and devoted the piece to  fan in Norway, which gave the track  its title.



1.Die Mulde:Schöpferische Stille (2:55)
2.Die Mulde:Die Mulde (13:42)
3.Die Mulde:Die Spiegel (11:55)
4.Die Mulde:Zerfluss (11:33)
5.HP Little Cry (32:16)