• Vinyl
  • Date : 28.03.2024
  • Running Time : 35:16

My Solid Ground – My Solid Ground

My Solid Ground were a German progressive rock band active in the 1970s.

This obscure krautrock album called “My Solid Ground” from 1971 has long been considered a classic of the genre. The first track, the 13-minute ‘Dirty Yellow Mist’, certainly lives up to its reputation as the group embark on a dark space rock journey.

It sounds like a mixture of psychedelic rock and progressive rock.

With lots of long keyboard tones, a crunchy guitar riff, some acid guitar sounds and distorted chanting as well as some wordless vocals in higher pitches.

“That’s You” has enough energy to pass for proto-punk, and the chorus of “Do you wanna die” doesn’t detract from this impression.

The song “The Executioner” is a dark piece that alternates between echoing vocals and intense guitar solos. The songs on the album are characterized by catchy melodies, experimental sounds and lyrical lyrics.

If you are a fan of progressive rock or enjoy discovering new music, My Solid Ground could be an interesting choice for you.



 Side A:

  1. Dirty Yellow Mist 13:04
  2. Flash Part IV 02:17
  3. That's You 02:21


Side B:

  1. The Executioner 03:31
  2. Melancholie 04:14
  3. Handful Of Grass 02:43
  4. Devonshire Street W 1 03:27
  5. X 03:39

Total: 35:16 min.