• CD
  • Date : 23.10.2020
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 64:01

Ali Neander Organ Quartet – Jazz:Songs

Guitar and organ seems to be a match made in heaven.  Ali Neander, one of Germany’s most prominent guitarists, between rock, pop and jazz, teams up with his first organ quartet album featuring drummer Ralf Gustke (Chaka Khan), Robert Schippers on organ and keyboards and beautiful jazz singer Caro Trischler. As special guests Paul McCandless from the Band Oregon, fusion bass player Kai Eckhardt from John McLaughlin‘s band and German trumpet player Joo Kraus from Tab Two. The 13 tune set includes several tracks that point to musical influences: Tony Williams Lifetime + Rickie Lee Jones, Jan Hammer + John Abercrombie,Jimmy Smith+ Grant Green.  The Organ Quartet has developed a sound that instantly identifiable, doubtless owing to keyboardist Robert Schippers’s and Ali Neander’s roles as a guitar + organ tandem, tracking the influence of a forgotten jazz generation.



  1. So Right 04:04
  2. Cool Surrender 04:50
  3. Feather 03:56
  4. What Is It? 04:33
  5. Odd Overload 04:20
  6. Alone Again 05:38
  7. Spread Those Wings 04:40
  8. I Can't Make You Love Me 09:20
  9. Love Will Find Its Way 04:48
  10. Last Train Home 05:09
  11. Permanent Vacation 04:20
  12. Turn Your World Around 37
  13. On My Own / Enough 03:46


Total:  64:01 Min.