• CD
  • Date : 30.06.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 53:48

Johannes Schmoelling – Songs No Words (Lieder Ohne Worte)

Certain sections of the music in „Songs No Words“ are meant to be a mixture of two music styles. The classical-romantic music of the 19th century and the popular electronic music of the present. Pieces such as „The Hymnus Song“ or „The Funeral March Song“ are examples of this.

It is my attempt to combine traditional instruments such as the piano, the clarinet or string instrument, including traditional melodies and harmonies, with electronically generated sounds from synthesizers and samplers, and modern rhythms.

This resulted in new stereophonic sounds. Virtual stereophonics produced by the electronic music are combined to the known and experienced stereophonics of traditional music (the so called, ”classical music“). In turn, the sound achieves more depth and scope, stereophonics and composition become equal partners during the production of music.

The title of the CD „Songs No Words“, and the individual tracks, are based on the style from the piano album „Lieder ohne Worte“ by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, published in 1834.

Johannes Schmoelling



  1. The Nursery Rhyme Song 06:10
  2. The Gondola Song 04:39
  3. The Spinning Wheel Song 05:52
  4. The Jester’s Nightwatch Song 05:58
  5. The Huntsman´s Song 03:27
  6. The Autumn Song 06:31
  7. The Hymnus Song 08:32
  8. The Funeral March Song 06:12

Bonus Track:

  1. The Piper Man’s Song 06:27

Total: 53:48 min.