• CD
  • Date : 28.04.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 64:35

Johannes Schmoelling – A Thousand Times

“A Thousand Times” was released by Johannes Schmoelling in late 2009 on his own label Viktoriapark. On it are 11 compositions, including a remake from 1980 from his time with Tangerine Dream.

Listening to Johannes Schmoelling’s music, his immense influence on Tangerine Dream’s career becomes even more apparent. If Christopher Franke had a sense of rhythm, Schmoelling’s strength was in harmonies. And on each of his solo albums we discover more and more of the charm of Tangerine Dream. “A Thousand Times” is a successful collection of 11 tracks with nostalgic harmonies, in which we can still capture the essence of the mythical German trio.

With its melodic approaches and its melancholic piano, “A Thousand Times” is the kind of album that passes as quickly as a soft azure wind caressing the skin. A very good album, where the catchy passages, like the moments lost in the melancholic mists, challenge us to listen again and again. One of the best Johannes Schmoelling works, where he weaves a perfect blend of synthesizers, sequences and his wonderful piano, creating magnificent jewels whose cradle was the harmonic structure of Tangerine Dream.



  1. Monochrome 06:52
  2. Diorama 05:40
  3. Abacus 05:24
  4. Stigma 06:48
  5. Funeral Tears 05:51
  6. A Thousand Times 06:16
  7. Blueprint 05:58
  8. A Thousand Times Reprise 05:45
  9. Kiterunner 05:40
  10. Palace of Dreams 05:42
  11. Footsteps 04:39

Total: 64:35 Min.