Sheila E.

Icon (Moosicus)

  • CD
  • Date : 08.11.2013
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 41:35

Sheila E. – Icon


Sheila E., arguably the music world’s best and most accomplished female drummer and percussionist, returns to the public eye with her first full-length album in over a decade. Entitled “Icon”, the album sets out not only to meet expectations from fans old and new, but go far beyond them and remind listeners why Sheila E. is a name to keep on the record books.

In her new album, “Icon”, Sheila E. clearly demonstrates not only her talents but also why she has become such a staple in all genres of the music world. With the smash single, “Mona Lisa”, an anthem with Sheila and her drums at the center, immediately setting her apart as an artist who can, simply, do things other artists can only attempt. But while there are plenty of shining moments of drums and percussion on the album itself, tracks like “Lovely Day” and “I’ll Give You That” remind fans and critics of Sheila’s abilities as both a vocalist and a storyteller. In addressing her roots and contribution to Funk/R&B, Sheila gives us three pieces to move to in “Nasty Thang,” a cleverly crafted playful groove, “Old Skool,” a call to arms for musicians with instrumental capabilities, and the Prince penned “Leader of the Band” which gives a nod to one of the greatest musical pairings in music history. But this work is more than a playlist of familiar moments, as Sheila reveals her inner motivation, hurts and healing, with three heartfelt songs in “Rockstar”, the beautifully written “Who I Am Now” and the hauntingly revealing “Girl like Me.” This album is a beam of inspiration, and a journey through the life of a musical wonder. Still, Sheila doesn’t let the album sit too long in contemplation, driving the music forward with a steady hand, immense passion, killer heels, and a force that only Icon’s provide.


  1. Butterfly 01:17
  2. Mona Lisa 05:07
  3. Lovely DayTitel 04:00
  4. I´ll Give You That 04:10
  5. Rockstar 04:00
  6. Samba 00:57
  7. Nasty Thangs ft. Mc Lyte 03:23
  8. Leader Of The Band 04:35
  9. Turn It Around 00:33
  10. Girl Like Me 04:08
  11. Who Am I Now 04:08
  12. Old Skool 04:25
  13. Now Is The Hour 00:52

Total: 41:35


Tracklisting Vinyl:
Seite A
1. Butterfly 01:16
2. Mona Lisa 05:07
3. Lovely Day 04:00
4. I´ll Give You That 04:09

Seite B
5. Rockstar 03:59
6. Samba    00:56
7. Nasty Thangs 03:23
8. Leader Of The Band 04:35
9. Turn It Around 00:32

Seite C
1. Girl Like Me 04:07
2. Who I Am Now 04:07
3. Old Skool 04:24
4. Now Is The Hour 00:51

Seite D
5. Waters Of Life 05:21
6. Surrender 04:43
7. Fiesta 04:51