The Return Of
Urban Organic Groove Music

  • CD
  • Date : 27.03.2015
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 48:32

Subjam – The Return Of Urban Organic Groove Music

The Hannover band Subjam have just released their most recent album on the label “Art of Groove” and have returned to their creative hotspots in their own urban surroundings. Next to renowned artists such as Pee Wee Ellis, Weather Report and Snarky Puppy one can also find the new shooting stars of the local scene such as Subjam or Nico Finke’s Bad Surprise. The similarities can be heard when listening to the albums: The ignition spark of jazz, namely the spontaneous power of the improvising collective. The musical communication between the virtuous instrumentalists is spread and a fundament is placed through the creative elements of other genres such as funk, avantgard and rock. As a famous jazz musician once said,“ This music is the third round stone in this foundation.”
And this is not robot music, established monotony, or musical dubiousness. A lot in jazz has crossed over to mainstream where it is a secure but a musically limited place to live in. Even on the executive floor of large concerns or in the staging of the mass industry one can find a jazzy musical lecture. Authenticity, soul and feeling have remained the biggest parts of the way. There are of course a lot more. Many bands such as Subjam choose their way through the local music scene, in private organized clubs, in galleries, or at street festivals. They show their abilities and make eye contact with the people. Jazz is a language in where many dialects are spoken. It is the music expression of the urban attitude towards life.
Subjam caters with their creative witty playfulness, whose roots are with no doubt grounded in the 70s jazz rock era. They produce direct joy for pure musical enjoyment. The vocabulary is complex, the tones are brought into movement, like we have not seen them in a long time.