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  • Date : 26.01.2018
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 39:17

Marius Tilly, crossover artist – The presence

Today Marius Tilly is regarded as a musical wanderer between worlds who has made up his own crossover atlas from maps of blues, punk, soul, and psychedelic rock starting in the Ruhr area. With that, he is on a quest to ever new itineraries which are too thrilling to forcefully end somewhere. With Tilly’s fourth album Words From The Wilderness the journey heads to daring arrangements, until now unheard sounds and new personal insights about the world. For his sometimes steep musical theories, Tilly does not have to leave the down-to-earth attitude of his hometown Bochum.

There he creates in less than eight weeks the basic structure of the twelve songs on Words From The Wilderness. The album appears to be more courageous, more profound and also a bit more serious than its predecessor Nebula Rising – more like a glass of red wine than a freshly tapped pilsner. Tilly: “The impression may be related to my discovering Nick Cave and his unorthodox way of making music some time ago. On the new album, the lyrics have often been the starting point. Words From The Wilderness is also the first album where I become slightly more socio-critical.”

Meanwhile, the man with the moustache (always) and hat (more often) stands considerably more open-minded than the traditional blues-rock outfit in which Tilly once stepped onto the musical stage. Continuing to travel as a trio line-up, Tilly’s next task will be transferring the stylistic boldness of the new album to the live performance on stage – in up to 60 shows a year with the Words From The Wilderness tour beginning in February 2018 (see dates below).

Bye-bye blues scheme – Marius Tilly’s past

Over decades, from the roots of blues has grown such a huge genre tree that it is not mandatory for his leaves and fruit to resemble one another. In Scandinavia bands like the Siena Root, Blues Pills or Troubled Horse revive the essence of blues-influenced hard rock for the nth time. In the US home of the blues, thanks to Jack White, Rival Sons or Black Stone Cherry strong new branches grow from the great heritage. European bands like The Brew or Navarone do as well live on blues like the psychedelic-ecstatic sound of Kadavar or Wucan, whereas Led Zeppelin has found worthy estate executors in the Australian Wolfmother.

Somewhere in that tree also sits Marius Tilly.

Musicians like him profit primarily from the fresh wind that is blowing high up in the crown of the modern blues tree. How much resemblance with the blues roots is still audible on Words From The Wilderness is a question of perspective. It is common ground that Marius Tilly knows the complete way from the root to the top from his own experience.

Tillys debut Blue Colors Red Lights and its follower Come Together were highly praised in the American home of the blues at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. At that point, Tilly has already said goodbye to classic blues and its conventions.

His third album Nebula Rising rather moves through the German music media in 2016 as funk infected indie rock album with a good cloud of desert dust. Foot-tapping riffs and bass/drum slaps on the ears in songs like “Vespa” prove how much punk-influenced bands from the 1990’s have also left their mark on Marius Tilly. At that point, Tilly is definitively way too far out for the conservative blues scene. Did Marius Tilly who has grown up to become a songwriter with his own distinctive style shed a tear about that? Not one. On the contrary.

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„Der Spaß am Experimentieren und der Mut zur Theatralik übertragen sich zu hundert Prozent und sorgen für einen spannenden Hörtrip.“

Eclipsed – Nr. 197 – Februar 2018 – 8/10 Punkten


„MARIUS TILLY erweist sich auf seinem […] Album „Words From The Wilderness“ mal als knallharter Rocker, dann wieder zerbrechlich wirkender Songwriter, der geschickt mit den unterschiedlichsten Klangwelten des Funk, Blues, Psyche und gar Punk jongliert, wobei er bisher noch nie solch immensen Wert auf seine Texte, die ungemein gesellschaftskritisch ausgefallen sind, gelegt hat.“

Musikreviews.de – 12/15 Punkten


„Der Spacerock des Vorgängers hinterlässz auf Marius Tillys vierter Platte bestenfalls Kondensstreifen. Auf „Words From The Wilderness“ zertrampelt er mutig das Blues-Schema und lebt von Neugier und Anarchismus.“

Visions – Ausgabe 299 – 02/2018 – 7/12 Punkten


„Unterm Strich jedoch steht diesem einfallsreichen Künstler die neu gewonnene Entschlossenheit gut.“

Rocks – Ausgabe 02/2018 – 7/10 Punkten


The World's End 03:38
The Ladder 04:09
Back On Track 03:23
Sold Out 03:14
The Wilderness 00:40
Are You Ready To Go 03:57
War 03:16
Mr. Kites Memorial 03:20
Land Of Grains 03:19
Hercules 03:15
Bankrobber 03:22
Traveling Boy 03:44

Total:  39:17