• CD
  • Date : 07.11.2000
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 59:04

Tribal Tech – Rocket Science

After ten years together as a working unit, the members of Tribal Tech have developed an uncanny group mindset that allows them to do the unthinkable — go into the studio to record an entire album with no preparation whatsoever. Few bands are audacious enough to even attempt this ‘blank slate’ approach to recording, and yet Tribal Tech has developed it into a working aesthetic. While it may not be brain surgery, it is Rocket Science.  On their latest leap of faith, these four adventurous souls — guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Gary Willis, keyboardist Scott Kinsey and drummer Kirk Covington — collectively ride out to the stratosphere while still tethered to Earth by solidly grounded grooves.




  1. Saturn 5 7:24
  2. Astro Chimp 3:19
  3. Song Holy Hall 4:59
  4. Rocket Science 9:14
  5. Sojlevska 4:04
  6. Mini Me 6:17
  7. Space Camel 5:28
  8. Moonshine 5:18
  9. Cap'n Kirk 3:01
  10. The Econoline 10:00

Total: 59:04 Min.