• CD
  • Date : 30.06.2023
  • Package : CD Digisleeve
  • Running Time CD : 40:53

Visitor 2035 – Visitor 2035

In the midst of the chaotic energy of the punk and new wave movement in London at the end of the 1970s, a group of young experimental musicians burst onto the scene with their debut album. Creating a unique blend of jazz, prog rock and electronic music counter to the culture of the day , Visitor 2035 were improvisational , iconic and alchemic.

Formed initially by Nigel Robinson (drums and percussion) and Ray Deefholts (guitarist) the two were joined by American Craig Pruess (keyboards /trumpet) and Peter Stroud (bass) following an ad campaign in the legendary UK publication Melody Maker.

Chris Welch , a journalist with Melody Maker raved about the band’s eponymous and critically acclaimed debut. Ariola Hansa released the album worldwide with the band touring a visually impressive show.

However, times were tough for musicians with ambitious projects; the world in flux still craved punk. Visitor 2035 produced just the one LP on black record grooves disbanding to fulfil individual creative projects.

All four members continue to enjoy successful careers as musicians and producers.

Now, 45 years later Craig Pruess has technically reworked the old tapes and produced a crispy master. In summer 2023 the album will finally be available in stores and for the first time also digitally for streaming and downloading.



  1. Don Genaro's Waltz 04:44
  2. At The Gates (of Cosmic Consciousness) 04:45
  3. Toefunk 04:13
  4. Celestial Dream Song 06:54
  5. Centre Of The Winds 07:17
  6. Cassiopiea 05:42
  7. Contemplation 07:18

Total: 40:53 min.