• CD
  • Date : 27.08.2021
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 47:59

Andreas Vollenweider – Book Of Roses

Book of Roses is yet another brilliant Vollenweider album, yet it’s notably different from the rest of his works to date. There is a wide range of styles and a tremendous range of different instruments and sound effects used here. In addition to his electroacoustic harp, you hear orchestral music, vocals, hammer dulcimer, bassoon, flutes, harmonica, horns/brass instruments, piano, electric and acoustic guitars, accordion, bass, and many different types of percussion, e.g. hand clapping, chalk/crayon scratching, and various kinds of drums. In addition you hear many sound effects: pages turning in a book, footsteps, clocks ticking, dogs barking, birds chirping, bow and arrow, and many other special effects.

Even though this album is perhaps more “chopped up” into different songs (and four separate “chapters” like in the book) it flows together nicely as do the rest of his albums and the songs are great to listen to. There is a diverse range of styles. It starts off with orchestral movements, then we have the cheery “Morning at Boma Park” and the smooth crayon-scratching rhythm of the title track, to the optimistic sounding South African “Passage to Promise” to the fast paced Spanish-guitar/harp piece “Jugglers in Obsidian.” Track 13 “Hirzel” is probably the most mainstream Vollenweider track on this CD. It is an upbeat song with a pop-rock feel and brings back a similar style and intensity of many of the songs from “Dancing With the Lion.” The final track “Letters to a Young Rose” has a somewhat festive African feel and beat with several different kinds of percussion and is a perfect way to end the album.

Bottom line: It may be different and more diverse from many of his previous albums, with many different instruments and sound effects in addition to his harp, but “Book of Roses” is another must-have Vollenweider album.

Andreas Vollenweider about ”Book Of Roses”:
“My affinity for mystical themes has always been a source of inspiration for my musical work. On “Book of Roses” I tried to connect the earthy elements of ethnic music with the sonic depth of the symphonic sound body. The song “Passage to Promise” is based on a very special blend of energies. Shortly before the end of the horrible regime of apartheid, the South-African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo visited me in Switzerland and we spent a wonderful time in the studio. Our jam sessions led to this song, which carries the spirit of a positive departure for South Africa. Joseph Shabalala sings of the power of forgiveness, of promises and responsibility.”



  1. La Strega 01:03
  2. The Grand Ball of the Duljas 01:45
  3. Morning at Boma Park 03:17
  4. The Five Curtains 01:48
  5. Book of Roses 03:26
  6. In Doga Gamée 04:41
  7. Passage to Promise 02:29
  8. In the Woods of Kroandal 02:03
  9. Jugglers in Obsidian 03:29
  10. Chanson de l'Heure Bleue 01:35
  11. Czippa and the Ursanian Girl 03:11
  12. The Birds of Tilmun 02:09
  13. Hirzel 05:21
  14. Jours d'Amour 03:58
  15. Manto's Arrow and the Sphinx 02:33
  16. Letters to a Young Rose 05:11


Total:  47:59 Min.