• CD
  • Date : 26.01.2024
  • Package : CD Digisleeve
  • Running Time CD : 72:45

Jutta Weinhold – The NOVA Years – Coming & Jutta Weinhold

“In rock ‘n’ roll you either die young or not at all. The former can’t happen to me anymore,” said Jutta Weinhold when she turned 75 last year. “But sometimes it’s time to look back a bit and think about how it all began”. In the early 1970s, Jutta was part of the ensemble in the musical productions of “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Then, in 1974, came the step into “independence”, the Jutta Weinhold Band was born. First big fan: Udo Lindenberg. He also pulled the strings behind the scenes during the production of the first Jutta Weinhold album “Coming”: Panikorchester guitarist Karl Allaut produced the debut album and played the guitars, Udo’s producer Thomas Kuckuck operated the controls in the studio, Steffi Stephan, Bertram Engel, Rainer Baumann and Jean-Jacques Kravetz provided the “Panik” accompaniment. The result was a crisp, rock-heavy album, not with Udo on vocals, but with Jutta. The album “Jutta Weinhold” followed in 1978, this time without the Panikorchester, but with a well-known line-up and a lot of soul. The boys of Germany’s progressive rockband Lucifer’s Friend were the backing musicians – everything of the best and finest. Now, for the first time, both albums are available digitally and on CD, new remastered in a brilliant, crisp and clear sound.



The Nova Years


  1. Blood And Life 03:58
  2. Take All My Action 03:34
  3. A Forest With No Trees 02:52
  4. I Despise You 03:29
  5. Walking In The RainWith Untied Shoes 06:51
  6. Tell How You Feel 03:22
  7. Teddy 04:00
  8. Daddy 04:35
  9. Don’t Ask Your Mother 04:02
  10. Rock’n’Roll 04:47

 “Jutta Weinhold”

  1. Be Bob Rock’n Rollin’ 02:44
  2. I Don’t Mean Stayin’ Here For Long 02:58
  3. Keep On Runnin’ 02:55
  4. The Night Time Is The Right Time 03:20
  5. A Better Aim 03:52
  6. Bloody Sunday 04:08
  7. In The Mood 02:24
  8. I’m Tired 02:41
  9. The Emptiest Place 03:03
  10. Mister Moon 03:09

Total: 72:45 min.