• CD
  • Date : 29.09.2017
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 73:47
  • 2 Vinyl
  • Date : 29.09.2017
  • Package : Double Vinyl Gatefold
  • Running Time : 73:47
  • Details : 180 g vinyl plus plus inlay (with picture and lyrics)

Aktuelles Lineup (2018):
– Francis Tobolsky- Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Theremin, Sitar, Synths, Percussion
– Tim George- Guitars, Keys
– Alexander Karlisch- Bass
– Philip Knöfel – Drums, Percussion

WUCAN – Reap The Storm

The second longplayer by WUCAN! With “Reap The Storm” Front woman Francis Tobolsky and their men stay true to the WUCAN sound and have even refined and intensified it: powerful intelligent rock sprinkled with folkloristic elements. The band celebrates their brew from different styles and cites from many common genres – from psychedelic rock , blues and acid folk up to classic and heavy rock of the 1970’s as well as from the insatiable krautrock and experimental phase of German bands during that time.

With their debut “Sow The Wind” having been released in autumn 2015, WUCAN has easily passed the magic threshold from an inside tip to an acclaimed newcomer. Two years, several tours and many festivals later, the band has established itself as a constant in the rock business. “Reap The Storm” will gain WUCAN further reputation and acceptance. The album comes as an integrated whole, is bursting from ideas and full of polished musical nuances. And it has a special recognition factor – this sound, this characteristic WUCAN sound.

Press Quotes

“Wucan setzen mit ihrer Scheibe ein künstlerisches Statement. “Reap The Storm” ist in diesem Sinne ein hochkreatives und, ja, mutiges Album.”
– Eclipsed. Oktober 2017 – 8,5/10 – Platz 4 der Top 20 Alben der Ausgabe

“Respect for so much courage.”
– Stern – 4/5 Punkten

“Ihre kleinen Suiten zeugen von beträchtlicher Spiellaune und Souveränität.”
– Rolling Stone, Oktober 2017

“Für mich haben WUCAN die Nase in diesem Segment nun ganz vorne, und zwar international gesehen. Keine Ahnung wie eine Band in diesem Stil noch besser sein könnte…”
– Deaf Forever , Oktober 2017 – 9,5/10 Punkten

“Mit “Reap The Storm” haben WUCAN die Messlatte für alle aufstrebenden (und etablierten!) Vintage-Rock-Bands himmelhaushoch aufgelegt.”
– Musikreviews.de – 13/15 Punkten


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  1. Wie die Welt sich dreht 09:59
  2. Ebb and Flute/ The Eternal Groove  06:04
  3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind 03:23
  4. I'm Gonna Leave You 04:59
  5. The Rat Catcher 05:25
  6. Falkenlied 04:49
  7. Aging Ten Years in Two Seconds 21:05
  8. Cosmic Guilt 18:03

Total:  73:47


Tracklist Vinyl:

Side A

  1. Wie die Welt sich dreht 09:59
  2. Ebb and Flute/ The Eternal Groove 06:04
  3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind 03:23

Side B

  1. I'm Gonna Leave You 04:59
  2. The Rat Catcher 05:25
  3. Falkenlied 04:49

Side C

  1. Aging Ten Years in Two Seconds 21:05
  • 1) The years I haven't lived
  • 2) worldwards
  • 3) Flight of the crows I
  • 4) afterwards
  • 5) Melinda
  • 6) onwards
  • 7) Flight of the crows II
  • 8) headwards
  • 9) the years I won't live

Side D

  1. Cosmic Guilt 18:03

Total:    73:47







Photos by Martin Becker