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The Swedish quintet Siena Root has made a superb live video in Spain. The tracks of the so-called “Furious Sessions” recorded at the Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona are “Trippin'” und “Imaginarium”. “The Furious Sessions” is the title of a video series brought to live by the Spanish newspaper El País to present interesting and new rock bands. The first song is on Siena Root’s debut album “A New Day Dawning” and the second on their current album “A Dream Of Lasting Peace”.

After singer Samuel Björö had left the band, their former singer Sanya joins them again. She was in the band in spring 2005, exactly one year after they released their critically acclaimed debut album “A New Day Dawning”, and left during the summer/ fall 2007.

There have been several switches of singers in the last couple of years; the band does not seem to be so lucky with their singers. But that has many different reasons: “It’s been about music in some cases and commitment in others, also some singers don’t seem to wanna tour too much and the rest of us are road warriors.”

The video was recorded last fall, while Siena Root was on tour through Portugal and Spain, as the band says: “Our roadmanager, Sima, knew about this studio. So she talked to Alberto who runs the studio, that we were gonna be on tour in Spain and Portugal and it would be cool for us to do something in his studio. We had a great time, and the studio and the film crew were truly great. So all our hats off to Alberto, Sima, El País and all of you who made it happen!”

And then, they told us this funny incident: “One day before, we played in Portugal. In order to make it to the studio session in Barcelona in time, we had to take the night train. So we had booked some sleeping cabins – at least we thought so. But when we boarded the train, we realized that somehow the sleeping cabins were full and we had only booked regular seats… So we had about twelve hours of ride without sleep. Instead, we had some wine and some cheese. When we arrived at Barcelona’s main station, we hurried to the studio session. So we got two cabs to fit all of us plus our gear.

At the studio, we realized that two of our bags were missing… left at the station. Even though we thought it was basically pointless to go back and see if they were still there, we did. When we arrived at the station, the area had been cleared by police. They were aiming guns at our two bags. We tried to say something like “Excuse me, sir but those are our bags…. we forgot them here”. They replied: “Those are your bags!? You leave two bags on the main station on the Diada Nacional de Catalunya!?? If you would have been a minute later, we would have blown the bags up. And now we’re gonna press charges against you for bomb threat!!”

So far, we do not know if that happened. But in Catalonia they do have other problems now what we hear in the news… SIENA ROOT, for their part, is continuing to tour. Here the current dates:

05. April 2018 – DE Bonn, Harmonie + Pristine
06. April 2018 – DE DE Isernhagen, Blues Garage
08. April 2018 – DE Reichenberg, Artrock Festival
10. April 2018 – CZ Jablonec, Na Rampe
11. April 2018 – CZ Olomouc, Bounty

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