Steamhammer - Junior's Wailing 2022 (Official Video)
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Fifty years after the release of their album “Speech” and 53 years after Martin Pugh and Pete Sears first collaborated on the band’s debut, Steamhammer will release a new album, “Wailing Again,” end of this month (30th. Sept.).
Bandmembers are 1968 founding member Martin Pugh (guitars) and Pete Sears (bass, keyboards & backing vocals), formerly also a member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – drummer John Lingwood, who joined Steamhammer in 1972, and Phil Colombatto (vocals & harmonica).

The friends of STATUS QUO are also happy about the comeback of the “Magnificent Four”, after all the track “Junior’s Wailing” (from the first STEAMHAMMER album “Reflections”), written by Martin Pugh and Kieran White in 1969, gave the boogie rockers a hit twice: in the studio version in 1970 on their “Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon” album and six years later on the platinum-refined longplayer “Status Quo Live”. Even today, “Junior’s Wailing” is still part of QUO’s live program.
“We were always on the look-out for great songs like that to put in Quo’s set. Rick (Parfitt) did that later, with The Doors ‘Roadhouse Blues’. I think it might have been ‘Nu’ (Alan Lancaster) who found ‘Juniors’ Wailing,’ ” Fancis Rossi remembered a few days ago. “It opened Quo’s set for many years and we are still playing it sometimes!”

The new 2022-version of “Junior’s Wailing” is the first single release from the new Steamhammer album “Wailing Again”.