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Video of the week: Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers – Shake It, Shake It, Shake It (Official Video)

Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers - Shake It, Shake It, Shake It (Official Video)
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Rediscovery of two rarities – Baffo Banfi’s “Ma, Dolce Vita” and “Hearth” (The IC Years)

Giuseppe Banfi, aka Baffo Banfi, former keyboardist of Italian Progressive Rockband Un Biglietto per l’Inferno, started a…More





Was that Krautrock or what? …

… Yes! Chronologically and geographically GATE has to be classified there. The music was experimental, but…More





Liaison between Michal Urbaniak and M.i.G

“Paratyphus B”, originally released in 1973 on the German Spiegelei label, is best known for…More





Gil Scott-Heron: “Bob Dylan’s Black Brother” shares his legacy

Critics in the early 1970s called Gil Scott-Heron the most important…More











38 SPECIAL will release their 1981 Lorelei performance

On August 29, 1981, Southern rockers 38 Special entered the stage of the…More





Anne Clark – on tour in Germany with her Rockpalast CD/DVD-release in the luggage

Anne Clark, the British poet, singer, songwriter and…More





Quote of the week about WUCAN’s “Live At Deutschlandfunk”:

Who still doesn’t know WUCAN, but…More








Bai Kamara Jr.s new album “Traveling Medicine Man” mirrored in the press

Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed album “Salone” we released almost four weeks ago the…More




Rediscovery after 43 years – ELMULAB’s “Microprozessor 8080A”

After 43 (!) years, this groundbreaking piece of German electronic music is finally available again remastered on CD and in digital format.
The “band-project” Elmulab, that was the Munich composer, musician and painter Klaus Netzle (aka Claude Larsen) and the Munich film composer, arranger and…More






Tír na nÓg release 1973 concert recording from the Liebfrauenkirche in Bremen

Tír na nÓg were an Irish folk duo formed in Dublin in 1969 by Leo O’Kelly and Sonny Condell. They were often considered one of the…More







Now available again: The NEURONIUM albums of the Harvest catalog

The band signed up in 1977 with famous British label HARVEST created by EMI in 1969 to market progressive rock music and at that time…More







M.i.G. releases SFF – Box “The Complete Recordings”

“The Complete Recordings” – this is the retrospective album-collection of the Northern German based Progressive Rock trio…More











Eric Devries – Another Round (Official Video)

Eric Devries - Another Round (Official Video)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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