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Mig Music is an independent record label based in Hannover, Germany, since 2009.

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The official video for SIENA ROOT’s new single “Tales Of Independence” (release date March 9, 2017) from the album “A Dream Of Lasting Peace”.

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New signing with MIG Music – “Krautrock” legend Bröselmaschine

The MIG Music team is especially looking forward to working with this living legend: BRÖSELMASCHINE. The band was founded in 1968 and released their debut vinyl in the year 1971. Eleven years after their last album – a live recording initiated by the WDR Rockpalast – they come up with a fascinating new studio album with MIG Music. “Indian Camel” will be released May 26, 2017, and a follow-up album is already nearly finished.

Contract signing with MIG took place in Cologne, at the Red Lounge Studios, at the kitchen table, absolutely proper, in the midst of creative chaos – and where the album received its final form. From left to right: Detlef Wiederhöft, Peter Bursch und Michael Dommers.

The next possibility to see BRÖSELMASCHINE live is on March 26 in Duisburg – the “krautrockers” will be playing the final concert of the cultural festival “Duisburger Akzente” in the Ruhr district.

MIG Music takes over Moosicus GmbH

 Moosicus had been founded in 2012 by Michael Becker and Andreas Thran, both responsible for the Imagion AG and BOB Design from Trier, as well as Grammy winner and producer Joachim Becker.
The products released on the label Moosicus are masterpieces in sound and appearance. The label released artists like funk icon Maceo Parker or Larry Graham, Sheila E, Randy Brecker, Chuck Loeb, Dean Brown, Trilok Gurtu and many others.

Also released were rare historic recordings from the archive of the NDR among them concerts of the Modern Jazz Quartet or Dave Brubeck. The series bears the title “NDR 60 Years Jazz Edition”.
MIG has taken over Moosicus and with it the current catalog now. The team of MIG is looking forward to continuing the work with the artists and build this catalog further. There is a lot happening.

SIENA ROOT – New album “A Dream Of Lasting Peace” due to production-related reasons in stores May 26, 2017

 With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act gained in more than 400 live shows, Swedish root rock band Siena Root is releasing their seventh album – due to production-related reasons – now on May 26, 2017, with Hänsel & Gretel/MIG Music.

The cover artwork of “A Dream of Lasting Peace” was designed by Sofia Sagerberg, Patrik Kindwall and Siena Root.

The band continued their passionate quest for analog sounds. With a superb result: The new album shines with heavy drum grooves, solid bass riffs, screaming guitar/organ dogfights and powerhouse vocals.

Commander Cody- Special live recording for the Record Store Day April 22, 2017

 MIG Music celebrates this years Record Store Day with a true live treat. The musicologists have found a rare live recording by COMMANDER CODY BAND. This precious piece will only be available on April 22. The title of the album: “Claiming New Territories – Live at the Aladin 1980″. There are only 1.000 units of this limited 180g vinyl edition available worldwide.
George Frayne, his longtime companion Bill Kirchen (a Lost Planet Airman) and the excellent leveled crew overwhelmed the audience almost immediately with their strong headed mix of Country, Rock’n’roll, Western Swing and Rockabilly. The astonishing, sparkling live atmosphere with a real party character brings up-tempo fun and good mood!
Thanks to the boys at Radio Bremen, who decided 37 years ago to record this historical moment in excellent audio quality for us (or you, if you’ll get a copy).

Iain Matthews on the enhanced re-release of his album “Walking the Changing Line” – March 31, 2017

 Although I hadn’t realized at the time, this recording was one of the most important of my career; a comeback of sorts. It was my one and only concept album and would reap dividends for the rest of my career which, by the way, is still some thirty years, after the fact, moving forward.
It was 1987 and I’d been denying the creative muse for several years, believing in my naivety, I had nothing more to say as an artist. The reality was that without realizing it I’d reached a plateau, far greater than any I’d encountered before and took it to mean that my musical creativity was spent. I now know better.
During that brief musical interlude from my nine to five A&R job, a friend had, in no uncertain terms, convinced me that I owed it to my fans out there to get back on the horse that threw me, give it some rein and see where it would take me. He also believed my concept was solid and needed to be pursued.

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