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Mig Music is an independent record label based in Hannover, Germany, since 2009.

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At short notice: On Monday, February 27, 2017, the Mystic folk formation Fairytale will be supporting Moya Brennan at Pavillon, Hanover, before they go on tour with true banjo expert Gerry O’Connor in April. More

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Forgotten Jewel of Prog-Rock rediscovered – Twenty Sixty-Six & Then

 To the considerable ranks of MIG Music’s jewels of German rock history comes another treasure: the album “Reflections On The Future” by Mannheim band TWENTY SIXTY-SIX & THEN from the year 1972.

To clarify one thing up front: This edition has nothing in common with those unspeakable re-releases from before. The material has been carefully remastered and extended with eight new bonus tracks (studio live versions featuring Curt Cress on drums with Donna Summer as the guest vocalist). In addition to those, the new MIG edition comes as usual with elaborate liner notes and lots of photos; the short of it: a well-rounded and impressive legacy of one of the most talented bands from the early days of Krautrock!

Commander Cody- Special live recording for the Record Store Day April 22, 2017

 MIG Music celebrates this years Record Store Day with a true live treat. The musicologists have found a rare live recording by COMMANDER CODY BAND. This precious piece will only be available on April 22. The title of the album: “Claiming New Territories – Live at the Aladin 1980″. There are only 1.000 units of this limited 180g vinyl edition available worldwide.

George Frayne, his longtime companion Bill Kirchen (a Lost Planet Airman) and the excellent leveled crew overwhelmed the audience almost immediately with their strong headed mix of Country, Rock’n’roll, Western Swing and Rockabilly. The astonishing, sparkling live atmosphere with a real party character brings up-tempo fun and good mood!
Thanks to the boys at Radio Bremen, who decided 37 years ago to record this historical moment in excellent audio quality for us (or you, if you’ll get a copy).

Tex-Mex queen Patricia Vonne on tour 2017

In spring 2017, the American singer and songwriter Patricia Vonne will visit Europe for several concerts again. Last fall she swirled over German stages and took her audience for a good 90 minutes to Texas. And at the end of the set, probably everybody wondered “what, are we already finished?”
Patricia Vonne, dressed in velvet and lace but with a cowboy hat and booties, is always moving on stage capturing our attention at all time. “Her characteristics are the magnificent rock’n’roll poses and the masterly use of the castanets.” (Nürnberger Zeitung)
But it is not only the show that makes the performance a fun evening. “Patricia Vonne surprises us with an astonishingly broad range of a repertoire that is not possible to narrow down stylistically.” (Osnabrücker Zeitung) Several songs she sings in Spanish because – as she tells us – her grandmother hails from the Iberian peninsula. Which makes Europe a little piece of home for herself, too.

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