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Siena Root – Sundown


05 April 2018 – DE Bonn, Harmonie + Pristine
06 April 2018 – DE Isernhagen, Blues Garage
07 April 2018 – DE  Erfurt, Museumskeller
08 April 2018 – DE Reichenberg, Artrock Festival
10 April 2018 – CZ Jablonec, Na Rampe
11 April 2018 – CZ Olomouc, Bounty
12 April 2018 – PL Chorzow, Lesniczówka
13 April 2018 – PL Gdynia, Gdynia Blues Club

organizer: Magnificent Music

Quote of the week

“It’s now 12 years since we released our second album Kaleidoscope, and we wanted to give you guys something special. Rare documentary footage from the original recording session is made public for the first time ever. It’s a brief glimpse into studio Ovett, outside of Stockholm. Sound track is “There and back again“, originally released spring 2006.”

TOP News

Fairytale geht zurück zu den Wurzeln der Folk Musik”

„Tales are singing“ – Fairytale is going back to the roots of folk music: the band is combining old Celtic myths and modern fantasy in their concert story.
A return to acoustic guitar music with Irish Folk, Pop Folk elements and lots of own ideas, band founder and guitarist Oliver Oppermann composed his first songs, back in 2013. In the founding year, the band went through little cast changes, but have already had successful performances in the Hanoverian area and at national events.


The Mission – “Live At Rockpalast”

Besides their very successful albums such as “God’s Own Medicine” (1986), “Children” (1988) and above all “Carved In Sand” (1989), “The Mission” primarily established themselves as a live band: whether as a support act for (i.e.) “U2” or “The Cure” or as famous European festivals’ headliner – or on their own distinct tours. Wayne Hussey stresses in a lot of interviews that the key to the band is the live experience which you can rarely fully portray on the albums.

Van der Graaf Generator – “Live At Rockpalast”

„…it’s difficult to think of comebacks more impeccable than Van der Graaf Generator’s”, the BBC wrote in awe about the over 50 years old progressive rock band’s reunion.

At the time, Peter Hammill (guitar, keyboards, singer), Hugh Banton (organ, piano), Guy Evans (drums) as well as David Jackson (saxophone, cross flute) Van der Graaf Generator’s “original line up”.

Leon Redbone – Live concerts from 1977 by Moosicus Records

News from Moosicus Records. The release of Leon Redbone’s re-mastered CD “Strings And Jokes” takes us back to 1977. That year, Leon had two concerts in Bremen which both are going to be made accessible to fans (and willing to become fans) worldwide for the first time on 27th April 2018 through M.i.G. – music. What really stands out is his special character. He knew how to masterly combine the 1920’s music with blues, ragtime and folk which was crowned by his unconventional style to sing. Whether he sings, warbles, whistles or hums – he definitely reaches his fans with his warm and intimate voice.
Despite not having a lot of time between concerts, they show a totally different Leon Redbone. At his concert at the “Glocke”, he was supported by Jonathan Dorn and his tuba, whereas his show at the “Post-Aula” was a performance purely on his own. Leon’s unique performances as well as the combination of blues and folk-jazz were what his concerts lived from. At first, it seemed obscure because it was unusual but then, it evolved into a recording with charm and character. Fans should mark the date in their calendars!

MIG Music is delighted to work with CLANNAD in the future

In 2018, MIG Music is further pushing on with their activities in the fields of folk and folk rock.
After the first releases of the albums by two main players of English folk rock – Richard Thompson and Iain Matthews, both founding members of Fairport Convention and a live recording by the Irish cult band PLANXTY from the year 1979 (to come in March), another great Irish band has signed with MIG Music.

Recently, following long and intensive negotiations, MIG succeeded in finalizing the collaboration with the successful band CLANNAD. CLANNAD (picture from 1989) has the merit of having enthralled an audience all over the world with their attractive mixture of folk, rock, Irish and Celtic music.

Patrica Vonne – Presents her new album “Top Of The Mountain”

With the release of her seventh album, Top of the Mountain (street date March 23, 2018), Patricia Vonne takes her musical career to a new level. Following on the heels of her acclaimed all-Spanish album, 2015’s Viva Bandolera (which made the Top Eight list in the Huffington Post), Vonne’s new effort incorporates all the multi-faceted components that define her unique musical persona; rock, folk, flamenco, bilingual Tex-Mex and Latin strands that, taken together, form a rich and colorful tapestry. “I’m a ninth-generation Tejana,” says the San Antonio native and Austin resident, “a fusion of many cultures and musical influences. I call it roots rock with a south-of-the border flavor. It’s always been important to me to embrace my Latin heritage through my music.”
The defiant, stand-your-ground title track sets a declamatory tone as the rest of the album winds a sinuous path through the border radio groove of “Lil’ Lobo,” the careening rocker “Graceland Trip,” “Madre de Perla,” a flamenco-flavoured tribute to Vonne’s mother, the spaghetti western soundtrack that is “Western Blood,” and much more. More

MIG Music and Soul Basement set final seal on cooperation

The Italian keyboarder and songwriter Fabio Puglisi as well as the Texan singer and saxophone player Jay Nemor are the heart of the soul/ jazz crossover band SOUL BASEMENT.

Just in time for this year’s “Jazzahead” taking place at the end of April at Bremen, the new album of SOUL BASEMENT titled “Oneness” will be presented on the Moosicus label for a release in May. The eight tracks of the album are a musical melange of smooth jazz, lounge, American soul from the 1970’s with a slight pinch of 1980’s funk. And above all floats the inimitable soul voice of Jay Nemor – conjuring up the spirits of great examples like Lou Rawls or Gil Scott-Heron.

MIG’s Moosicus label is really looking forward to collaborating with this extraordinary duo.

Matthews Southern Comfort: New studio album titled “Like A Radio” due in February 2018

 Never let it be said that Iain Matthews is one to dwell on past successes. With the new edition of MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT, Iain Matthews is getting back a piece of his own past taking it into the here and now. But maybe this time was necessary until Matthews was ready to continue his musical journey with MSC.

He looked for fresh musicians and formed the band completely anew. MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT 2017 was supposed to sound modern but also build an arc to the band’s past. The concept of the band’s founder Iain Matthews is fully working: In conceiving and assembling this unique group of spirited and likeminded players, Matthews has once again surpassed all expectations. The musicianship and commitment are second to none and the sumptuous, soaring vocal harmonies instantly bring to mind the 60’s version of the band. MSC will be on tour in Germany and the Netherlands in March (dates here). In April a tour with Magna Carta will follow.





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