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Video of the week: Agitation Free – Lilac (Official Video)

Agitation Free - Lilac (Official Video)
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Electronic music icon Michel Geiss signs with M.i.G.

His name may be less known in Germany, but in France’s music scene Michel Geiss is a solid institution. And this is not only due to…More




Always “under steam”: Old and new stuff of Kevin Coyne will be released on the occasion of his 80th. anniversary

“I had a nightmare boogie one last night / I dreamed I was trapped in a hall full of golden discs / Somebody said to me: *Which one is yours?* / And I had to confess I hadn`t got one”.
The nightmare Kevin Coyne describes in his song “Having a Party” (1978) was real. During his lifetime, the English musician…More




Experimental Rock Legend AGITATION FREE return with new album “Momentum”

The pioneers of German experimental rock music, Agitation Free, are making a groundbreaking return with a long-awaited album titled “Momentum,” set to be released on November 24, 2023, by MIG Music based in Hannover, Germany. The band, which in the early 70s presented a unique fusion of improvised rock, electronics, ethno, jazz, world, and trance elements, has once again showcased their creative brilliance. More




M.i.G. now exploits the EARTHSTAR catalog

EARTHSTAR was an interesting project of the US musician Craig Wuest. The band was assigned to the genre of electronic music and ambient. Although the musicians…More
















Krautrock History – M.i.G. releases the complete recordings of SATIN WHALE in two box sets

In 1973 OMAR & THE HOWLERS were founded in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by guitarist and vocalist Omar Dykes, Shortly after…More






OMAR & THE HOWLERS release new live album

Good news for all fans of German progressive rock: This fall M.i.G. will be releasing the complete recordings of…More





New YouTube channel “Electronic Pioneers” from MIG music launches with legendary artists of the electronic music scene

Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/@electronicpioneers
The brand new YouTube channel “Electronic Pioneers” from Hanover-based label MIG music has now officially launched, bringing the electronic music scene back to its roots. The channel will feature…More






Rediscovery of two rarities – Baffo Banfi’s “Ma, Dolce Vita” and “Hearth” (The IC Years)

Giuseppe Banfi, aka Baffo Banfi, former keyboardist of Italian Progressive Rockband Un Biglietto per l’Inferno, started a…More





Was that Krautrock or what? …

… Yes! Chronologically and geographically GATE has to be classified there. The music was experimental, but…More





Liaison between Michal Urbaniak and M.i.G

“Paratyphus B”, originally released in 1973 on the German Spiegelei label, is best known for…More





Gil Scott-Heron: “Bob Dylan’s Black Brother” shares his legacy

Critics in the early 1970s called Gil Scott-Heron the most important…More











38 SPECIAL will release their 1981 Lorelei performance

On August 29, 1981, Southern rockers 38 Special entered the stage of the…More





Anne Clark – on tour in Germany with her Rockpalast CD/DVD-release in the luggage

Anne Clark, the British poet, singer, songwriter and…More





Bai Kamara Jr.s new album “Traveling Medicine Man” mirrored in the press

Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed album “Salone” we released almost four weeks ago the…More






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