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For your information: This is an original video from the year 1982, recorded from TV. Unfortunately, there is no other quality available.
Some call him “Bowie from down under”: Not only is ZAINE GRIFF from New Zealand connected to the “Thin White Duke” by his enormous similar looks but also by the producer, Tony Visconti. When he introduced Zaine to Bowie, the latter said in amazement “It’s like I looked in the mirror”. Unfortunately, a planned bigger project of both did not take place. They only recorded three songs together with Visconti producing. In London, the singer (and painter) also met Hans Zimmer who he worked with on his first two solo albums. More reading material about this fascinating period of the early 1980’s (“The London Years”) can be found in Zaine’s self-pinned memories within the Collectors Premium of both albums “Ashes And Diamonds/ Figures”. More


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WUCAN – Reap The Storm – In Stores September 29, 2017

“Blood, sweat and tears, but our album is finally done.” – Wucan, July 2017

With the release of their debut album in autumn 2015, WUCAN from Dresden crossed the magic threshold between an insider’s tip to a celebrated newcomer. “Sow The Wind” is an energetic heavy rock statement which despite all its directness is not above kraut rock extravaganza. Afterward, they went on tour. With each of the nearly 120 shows in Germany and Europe, the number of fans increased continuously.

The force of nature that Wucan brings to the stage shall also be reflected on their second album which is being recorded at the Berlin Big Snuff Studios. “Reap The Storm” will redeem even more what the band promises live: a massive rock sound, clear and organic at the same time, music for modern hippies and those who wish to become one.

GEFF HARRISON – Collectors Premium out on July 21, 2017

In Mannheim, GEFF HARRISON had found his musical home in the early 70ties with the band Twenty Sixty Six & Then. His next stop was with their Mannheim competitors KIN PING MEH which Geff also left in 1976 in pursuit of a solo career.
He stayed true to the Nova label where he released his first solo album titled “Salford” paying homage to his hometown in the Northwest of England. His version of the Dave Davies classic “Death of a Clown” was released as a single. Successfully rotating primarily on the turntables of Dutch, Belgian, French and German radio stations, the track jumped to Top 10 positions on pirate radio stations.
One year later, GEFF HARRISON made his dream come true – to collaborate with a big orchestra.

Champion Jack Dupree – Live At Rockpalast: Cologne 1980 nominated

In early May, the American “Blues Blast Magazine” nominated our release of the Champion Jack Dupree Rockpalast as one of the best “Historical Or Vintage Recordings” of the year.

Now it is all up to the blues fans to help determine the winners: Voting will end August 15, 2017. Everybody can do it. So what are you waiting for? Fans of MIG and Blues cast your vote for the Champ and help us get this award!
All the details about how and where to vote


The first releases of MIG’s new jazz label Moosicus: Albert Mangelsdorff, Atom String Quartet and Leon Redbone

 The series of historic recordings from the archives of the NDR which have been released by Moosicus titled “NDR 60 Years Jazz Edition”, will be continued as “NDR Jazz Edition“.
At first, “ALBERT MANGELSDORFF – THE JAZZ SEXTET” will be launched within the series. The recording from the Hamburg Studio 10 dates back to April 12, 1957, and is a very early Mangelsdorff.
Former jazz editor Hans Gertberg had invited an ensemble to Hamburg which was on a tour through Europe. “The Jazz Sextet” the illustrious tour ensemble showing up at the studio had named itself. Besides trombonist ALBERT MANGELSDORFF shine two cool and west coast masters from the Stan Kenton Orchestra: Bob Cooper (clarinet, saxophone, oboe) and Bud Shank (tenor sax and flute), Attila Zoller (guitar), Karl Sanner (drums) as well as a just 21-year old Gary Peacock (bass). For Jerome Kern’s “Yesterdays” the clarinetist Tony Scott joins in.


 The British folk rock musician Iain Matthews (aka Ian Matthews and co-founder of the folk rock legend Fairport Convention among others), has reformed his band MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT and is currently in the studio to record the bands’ official and fifth album only with his new companions.

Since the success of the album “Later That Same Year” with MCA Records MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT were seen as a British version of Crosby Stills Nash & Young. The band reinforced this claim in October 1970 when they jumped to number one in the British singles charts and stayed there for several weeks. Despite this big success Iain Matthews left the band in the same year to fully concentrate on his solo career.
In 2017, Iain wants to open a new chapter in the success story of MSC after all these years.

All reservations over board and fantasy full throttle – New Squintaloo album out June 30, 2017

Their new work is called “Über Bord!” (Over Board), and you should definitely put all reservations aside to really dive into the strange und gleeful universe. Only then the weird figures like Nigeraurak, Käpt’n Peg Leg Copperjaws or Fakir Don Peppone will take shape before your inner eye.

The nine inventive instrumental pieces develop a colorful sound spectrum which is easy on the ears despite its heaviness. The rough edges, ripples, and breaks are beautifully integrated into the whole soundscape. With every listening session, you will always discover something new. It’s out of the question: The Squintaloo understands his craft. There is no need to complain or get angry… But in the background there one big question lingers on: Who or what is OMA?
More information

New signing with MIG – Gavin Sutherland with his new album

The ink is still wet – so to speak – so fresh is the signature on the contracts with Gavin Sutherland. As there might be one or another who could use a little brush-up for the name “Sutherland”, here some rock-historical tutoring.
Gavin is the younger brother of the Scottish folk duo Iain and Gavin Sutherland, better known under the name Sutherland Brothers, later Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.
From 1972 to 1979, the band released eight much-noticed albums with Island Records and Columbia which all make their way into the either UK or the US charts. In addition came several real single hits two of which, the tunes “(I Don’t Want to Love You But) You Got Me Anyway” and “Arms Of Mary” (was no. 1 in nearly every country in Europe in the summer of 1976) were their most famous. Their biggest success, however, was celebrated in 1975 with “Sailing” sung by Rod Stewart being the most successful record for Stewart in the UK to this day.


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