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Fairytale: Autumn’s Crown”


On the 24th August 2018, FAIRYTALE are going to release their second album „Autum’s Crown“ by the label Magic Mile Music. After their first album “Forest of Summer” (2015), they embark on another mystic and magical journey and present themselves even more electic and full of life. The still young band has ripened in their msuic – many different facet’s form a cornucopia of fantasy, full of varied compositions, stirring powerful voices, immense sound width and instrumental attention detail – but always loyal to the folk roots.




Clannad release their “Turas 1980″


50 years ago, they performed together fort he first time – the three sibling Pol, Viaran and Maire (Moya). As well as the anniversary of Leo’s Tavern, origin of the traditional family band, they are going to celebrate their new album’s release “Turas 1980” (Gaelic for “trip” or “journey”) on the 13th July. CLANNAD is predecessor of today’s ‘Celtic Music’ and was the first band out of their homeland to have 36 shows during their tour in North America. That journey then also led them to Germany. The album is a testimony of the unforgettable evening in the Bremer Uni-Mensa on the 29th January 29180. The recording was mastered by the band itself and it promises nostalgia at its finest.




Blues Blast Award: Muddy Waters nominated for TWO categories!

The Blues Blast Magazine has announced the nominees for the 2018 Blues Blast Award.
Muddy Waters’ “Live At Rockpalast” is nominated for two categories:
– Live Blues Recording
– Historical or Vintage Recording

That’s amazing but winning would be even better. So go vote!

Soul Basement take the Hit-Tracks Top 100 by storm!

They want to share their view of the world with the people and do so by the motto “Spirit – Oneness – Unity – Love” – for the album just “Oneness”.
We are very excited to hear that Soul Basement and their message made it to “Album Of The Week” on the Dutch online charts “Hit-Tracks Top 100″. Furthermore, their song “Better Days” dropped into Hit-Tracks Top 100 on #34 this week.
Thank you to everyone who has worked with us on this special product!

The Mission – “Live At Rockpalast”

Besides their very successful albums such as “God’s Own Medicine” (1986), “Children” (1988) and above all “Carved In Sand” (1989), “The Mission” primarily established themselves as a live band: whether as a support act for (i.e.) “U2” or “The Cure” or as famous European festivals’ headliner – or on their own distinct tours. Wayne Hussey stresses in a lot of interviews that the key to the band is the live experience which you can rarely fully portray on the albums.

Van der Graaf Generator – “Live At Rockpalast”

„…it’s difficult to think of comebacks more impeccable than Van der Graaf Generator’s”, the BBC wrote in awe about the over 50 years old progressive rock band’s reunion.

At the time, Peter Hammill (guitar, keyboards, singer), Hugh Banton (organ, piano), Guy Evans (drums) as well as David Jackson (saxophone, cross flute) Van der Graaf Generator’s “original line up”.

Leon Redbone – Live concerts from 1977 by Moosicus Records

News from Moosicus Records. The release of Leon Redbone’s re-mastered CD “Strings And Jokes” takes us back to 1977. That year, Leon had two concerts in Bremen which both are going to be made accessible to fans (and willing to become fans) worldwide for the first time on 27th April 2018 through M.i.G. – music. What really stands out is his special character. He knew how to masterly combine the 1920’s music with blues, ragtime and folk which was crowned by his unconventional style to sing. Whether he sings, warbles, whistles or hums – he definitely reaches his fans with his warm and intimate voice.
Despite not having a lot of time between concerts, they show a totally different Leon Redbone. At his concert at the “Glocke”, he was supported by Jonathan Dorn and his tuba, whereas his show at the “Post-Aula” was a performance purely on his own. Leon’s unique performances as well as the combination of blues and folk-jazz were what his concerts lived from. At first, it seemed obscure because it was unusual but then, it evolved into a recording with charm and character. Fans should mark the date in their calendars!

MIG Music is delighted to work with CLANNAD in the future

In 2018, MIG Music is further pushing on with their activities in the fields of folk and folk rock.
After the first releases of the albums by two main players of English folk rock – Richard Thompson and Iain Matthews, both founding members of Fairport Convention and a live recording by the Irish cult band PLANXTY from the year 1979 (to come in March), another great Irish band has signed with MIG Music.

Recently, following long and intensive negotiations, MIG succeeded in finalizing the collaboration with the successful band CLANNAD. CLANNAD (picture from 1989) has the merit of having enthralled an audience all over the world with their attractive mixture of folk, rock, Irish and Celtic music.




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