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Fairytale goes back to the roots of folk music


„Tales are singing“ – Fairytale is going back to the roots of folk music: the band is combining old Celtic myths and modern fantasy in their concert story.
A return to acoustic guitar music with Irish Folk, Pop Folk elements and lots of own ideas, band founder and guitarist Oliver Oppermann composed his first songs, back in 2013. In the founding (more…)

Van der Graaf Generator: “Live At Rockpalast” from 2005, CD+DVD boy release date 25 May 2018

„…it’s difficult to think of comebacks more impeccable than Van der Graaf Generator’s”, the BBC wrote in awe about the over 50 years old progressive rock band’s reunion.

At the time, Peter Hammill (guitar, keyboards, singer), Hugh Banton (organ, piano), Guy Evans (drums) as well as David Jackson (saxophone, cross flute) Van der Graaf Generator’s “original line up”.

In the prior years, Peter (more…)

The Mission: “Live At Rockpalast” from 1990 and 1995, DVD+CD box release date 27 April 2018


Besides their very successful albums such as “God’s Own Medicine” (1986), “Children” (1988) and above all “Carved In Sand” (1989), “The Mission” primarily established themselves as a live band: whether as a support act for (i.e.) “U2” or “The Cure” or as famous European festivals’ headliner – or on their own distinct tours. Wayne Hussey stresses in a lot of interviews (more…)

MIG Music is delighted to work with CLANNAD in the future


In 2018, MIG Music is further pushing on with their activities in the fields of folk and folk rock. After the first releases of the albums of two main players of English folk rock – Richard Thompson and Iain Matthews, both founding members of Fairport Convention – MIG Music is going to release a live recording by the Irish cult band PLANXTY from (more…)

Siena Root – Live Video “The Furious Sessions” recorded in Barcelona

The Swedish quintet Siena Root has made a superb live video in Spain. The tracks of the so-called “Furious Sessions” recorded at the Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona are “Trippin'” und “Imaginarium”. “The Furious Sessions” is the title of a video series brought to live by the Spanish newspaper El País to present interesting and new rock bands. The first song is on Siena Root’s debut (more…)

Patricia Vonne – Presents her new album “Top Of The Mountain”


With the release of her seventh album, Top of the Mountain (street date March 23, 2018), Patricia Vonne takes her musical career to a new level.

Following on the heels of her acclaimed all-Spanish album, 2015’s Viva Bandolera (which made the Top Eight list in the Huffington Post), Vonne’s new effort incorporates all the multi-faceted components that define her unique musical persona; rock, (more…)

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