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Bai Kamara Jr.s new album “Traveling Medicine Man” mirrored in the press


Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed album “Salone” we released almost four weeks ago the new album “Traveling Medicine Man” by Bai Kamara Jr. and his band, the Voodoo Sniffers.
As with the previous album, the press and also the radio worldwide are reacting euphorically to the new album of the musician from Brussels with his very own unique style, (more…)

Moosicus releases historic Marion Brown Live-Album


On April 28, 2023 Moosicus will release a live album by legendary American alto saxophonist, composer and ethnomusicologist Marion Brown (1931 – 2010).
From 1962 Brown worked with musicians such as Alan Shorter and Archie Shepp, who also became his mentor. Brown also participated in Shepp’s album “Fire Music”, John Coltrane hired Marion Brown in the summer of 1965 for the recording of (more…)

Manfred Schoof – The “great romanticist” of the German jazz avant-garde releases a live 3-CD boxset


Without any doubt, the trumpeter Manfred Schoof belongs to the first generation of jazz musicians in Germany, who very early developed a very own European signature in this form of music and thus no longer simply emulated American models. The rich fund of church scales was just as essential for him as influences from the so-called New Music. Schoof had already been active (more…)

Oregon will release live-album on the Moosicus label


Credit: Patrick Hinely, Work/Play®

The legend has it that the four Oregon musicians met at the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969. However, it is documented that at least guitarist/pianist Ralph Towner and bassist Glen Moore were on stage with US singer/songwriter Tim Hardin. But three more years had to pass before Oregon really got off the ground musically. Colin Walcott and Paul McCandless completed (more…)

MIG music reaction on Corona Virus

Dear friends, partners and fans,

The times are unreal, almost unimaginable, like in a bad Hollywood blockbuster. But we have to go through it. Solidarity is needed now, with our work colleagues, our families and friends, our neighbours and the people on the street. So that we can stay healthy, protect our fellow human beings and of course ourselves. Many things will change, some things will no longer be the way (more…)

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