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Founded in 2009 MILLARIUM is a young Hannover/Germany-based Metal/Rock band. Up to date line-up: Daniel Curcija (vocals), Steven Graupmann (guitar), Sören Scherf (bass) and Joschus Öl (drums). The Band started with coversongs from the Rock- and Metalgenre. Soon they began to write own songs and developed an own origin style.

In 2012 the four boys recorded their EP “High Rise” at the “Wellencocktail”-Studio in Hannover. Countenanced by positive feedback from media in Germany and Europe they decided to record their debut-album “First Blood Running”, which now will be released by the Label “Hänsel & Gretel”, the Rock/Metal division of MIG-Music.

“First Blood Running” delivers all variants of metal from powermetal and hardrock influenced songs with softly vocals from “old school” to thrashmetal. MILLARIUM provides a full package:  punchy guitar riffs, pounding beats and catchy vocals with powerful lyrics.


1.     Phoenix – 01:38
2.     First Blood Running – 05:19
3.     Two Bullets – 04:00
4.     Sweet Revenge – 04:24
5.     Hope And Misery – 04:32
6.     Insidious – 05:06
7.     Not Myself – 03:29
8.     Wasted – 04:36
9.     Long Forgotten – 06:33
10.  Born To Be Wild (Bonustrack) – 04:00

Total: 43:36