Dieter Schütz, born in Flensburg/Germany in 1955, was a highly talented multi-instrumentalist who unfortunately died at the age of only 36. Shortly before his death, he founded the pop rock trio Deja Vue together with his partner Ulla Witt and his friend Adelbert von Deyen. The album “Nightflight” was released in 2004 at the instigation of Adelbert von Deyen. Germany’s electronic legend Klaus Schulze, who unfortunately passed away recently, signed Dieter Schütz to his IC label in 1981 and produced the debutalbum “TransVision”.

Now the album will be rereleased, incl. 3 bonus tracks: “Guess” is a vocal version of the instrumental Vinyl-original, “The Lonely Whale” is previously unreleased and “Blue White View” is taken from the only Deja Vu album “Nightflight” with Adelbert Von Deyen and Ulla Witt.