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“I’ve always been very visually inspired, it’s one of the reasons I love composing for film, along with my desire to tell a story with my music. I’m always looking for a narrative, a journey or adventure to explore with music and sound. Above all, I want to capture some magic; that child-like sense of wonder which can be so elusive”.

These are the words of Harvey Summers about his new album “Moon”. Summers, best known for his instrumental solo albums, film and TV music (”Chilly Dog“, ”Doctor Who“, “The X-Factor“, ”American Idol“ a.m.m.), saw the lockdown as an opportunity to set up another studio in his home, where he decided to write and record an album inspired by his lifelong interest in space and the moon landings. The result was ”Moon“, which is a stunning cinematic opus and a welcome return to the composer’s instrumental roots, showcasing for the first time outside of his film music, his orchestral writing and recently rekindled love of vintage electronics.