“Paratyphus B”, originally released in 1973 on the German Spiegelei label, is best known for its innovative fusion of jazz, funk and rock, with Urbaniak’s distinctive violin playing in the focus. “Inactin”, also released a few months later on Spiegelei, shows the band at their best with its unique style that combines jazz, funk, fusion and world music. Both albums are of great importance for the development of jazz and fusion music and are well regarded by collectors and fans of experimental music from the 1970s.

Now Michal Urbaniak and M.i.G. have agreed to make both albums available again on sound carriers in physical formats. A box set with “Paratyphus B” and “Inactin” is planned, as well as a concert that Michal Urbaniaks’s group gave on January 21, 1972 in the well-known Student and Jazz Club “Lila Eule” in Bremen/Germany. Particularly interesting: Here Michal Urbaniak’s Group already plays live and in full all the tracks recorded a few months later with exactly the same line-up (Michal Urbaniak, Urszula Dudziak, Czesław Bartkowski and Adam Makowicz) in the studio for the “Paratyphus B” album. Only bassist Pawe Jarzębski was replaced by Roman Dylag for the studio recordings. For the fans, this is a very unusual and interesting comparison. The box set is scheduled for release in late summer/early fall of this year on CD and, of course, digitally.