Under the banner of the “Ginger Baker Archive,” we are thrilled to present music lovers worldwide with the first-ever complete release of the 1970 Beat Club recordings by the groundbreaking “Ginger Baker’s Airforce,” titled “What A Day,” scheduled for the end of May.

The next step, slated for the end of July, will be the CD release of Airforce II, featuring previously unreleased bonus and alternative recordings in various forms and contents, mirroring the album’s original release in countries like England and Germany with different tracks. Many more releases are in the pipeline and already in preparation.

The MIG team takes pride in collaborating on these projects with esteemed experts such as Peter Brkusic and Johannes Scheibenreif from Vienna, along with other dedicated supporters. Unfortunately, Ginger’s catalog has been released in a partially careless and incomplete manner, and of unacceptable quality. We are determined to change this and restore Ginger to his rightful place in the history of rock music, with due respect and devotion.

We invite all music enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable journey through the timeless music of this exceptional talent.