Dear friends, partners and fans,

The times are unreal, almost unimaginable, like in a bad Hollywood blockbuster. But we have to go through it. Solidarity is needed now, with our work colleagues, our families and friends, our neighbours and the people on the street. So that we can stay healthy, protect our fellow human beings and of course ourselves. Many things will change, some things will no longer be the way they were before. But all this has already been said a thousand times and we do not need to repeat it here for the umpteenth time. We cannot stop the world, we must now ensure that it continues to turn in a bearable and responsible way. In the next days and weeks we will be launching some interesting new products, like the new albums of Siena Root or the folkrock legend Matthews Southern Comfort, both digital and physical. The local trade with vinyl, CDs and DVDs is suspended for the time being. Amazon has announced a “Temporary Prioritization”, they will take care of the supply of the population with essential goods in the next days and/or weeks. Therefore the shipping of cultural goods here may take a little longer than usual. But there are also our friends from Hot Shot Recordst, and others. Green-brain-krautrock MusicShop, Glitterhouse Records, Just For Kicks and many, many more, also abroad, which we can’t all name but are here for you during this time. So please support now our online retailers, the artists and producers as well as all indie labels and distributors. Do something good for your soul, because well-being, confidence, happiness and relaxation also strengthen the immune system. Forget Netflix, Youtube or Apple TV for a few hours. Take your time and put on a great record. This provides pure deceleration in these troubled times.

Stay stafe!