It reads like a fairy tale. Ev Kriegel found in her husband’s estate many tape boxes with partly unreleased music by Volker Kriegel from his various creative phases. The first idea was to make these treasures audible again only for private use in the circle of friends. But after the tapes were digitally transferred and lovingly remastered, it was quickly clear what a treasure came to light. The circle of friends didn’t want to withhold them from other lovers of good music and contacted the label MiG. The MiG Jazz sublabel Moosicus is willing in supporting and making the “Volker Kriegel Archive” accessible to the general public. To start the “Volker Kriegel Archive” 3 albums will be released on the 2019/01/25. For a long time “Schöne Aussichten” was no longer and “Mild Maniac” has never been available on CD, now available in a new remastered size with bonus tracks. “Biton Grooves” has never been available in this new version before. Here we find a fantastic overview of the development of 70ies/80ies Fusion Jazzrock, which Volker Kriegel as an internationally recognized guitarist has influenced to a not insignificant extent.