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The brand new YouTube channel “Electronic Pioneers” from Hanover-based label MIG music has now officially launched, bringing the electronic music scene back to its roots. The channel will feature some of the most legendary artists who have shaped and are still shaping electronic music. The list of featured artists includes Manuel Göttsching, Michael Hoenig, Johannes Schmoelling (formerly of Tangerine Dream), Klaus Schulze, Wolfgang Bock and Baffo Banfi.
“Electronic Pioneers” aims to take fans of electronic music back in time and convey the unique atmosphere of the beginnings of this music genre.
“We are thrilled to have launched this channel and are proud to showcase some of the greatest artists in the electronic music scene,” said Manfred Schütz, founder and CEO of MIG music “We hope to inspire and entertain fans from around the world and we look forward to celebrating the legacy of this unique music genre.”
The channel will offer a wide range of content, including full-length albums, live performances, curated mixtapes from personalities in the scene and much more. The videos will be published on the “Electronic Pioneers” YouTube channel and will be accessible to everyone for free.
“Electronic Pioneers” is a must-see for all electronic music fans, especially those who want to experience the genesis of this music genre firsthand. Subscribe to the channel and get inspired by the electronic pioneers!