In 1973 OMAR & THE HOWLERS were founded in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by guitarist and vocalist Omar Dykes, Shortly after the musicians moved to Austin, Texas. However, the band disbanded because some members felt they could not make a living from music. But Omar decided to stay in Austin and looked for new feloow musicians. With “Big Leg Beat” the first longplayer was released in 1980, 7 years later OMAR & THE HOWLERS signed their first big record deal with Columbia. Rootsy bluesrock is the trademark of the band, enriched with a bit of southern rock, here and there you can also hear some musical borrowings from CCR. Now OMAR & THE HOWLERS release the live album “Magic Man”, recorded in September 1989 in the Bremen club “Modernes” by the technicians of Radio Bremen, with their long-time regular line-up feat. Omar Dykes (guit., voc.), John Inmon (guit.), Bruce Jones (bass) and Gene Brandon (drums). Omar Dykes: “I toured extensively in Germany, and I appreciate MIG for releasing the Bremen radio concert to preserve the music for fans to enjoy even today.”