• Vinyl
  • Date : 30.08.2019
  • Package : 2LP
  • Running Time : 72:08

Agitation Free – River Of Return

Finally available! On August 30th the long lost album “River Of Return” of the German Krautrock legend Agitation Free will be released again. It was a reunion of the band after 25 years of abstinence with some original members.


Already the first sounds show that the Krautrock style still exists, but the music and the production is light years ahead, which is reflected in the very mature production. As on the early albums, the quartet consisting of Gustl Lütjens, Michael Günther, Lutz Ulbrich and Burghard Rausch offers a mixture of different styles. This time the mixture consists of rock, blues, jazz and meditative sounds. By the way, the album was produced by “Potsch” Potschka, who was well known as a musician with the famous German Nina Hagen Band and Spliff.


In addition to the eight tracks of the original album, the re-release of “Keep On” and “First Communication” gave the band 14 minutes of bonus material. “Keep On” is a straight rock number, while “First Communication” was recorded live in 1972.



Side A

  1. River Of Return 08:24
  2. 2 Part 2 05:46
  3. Fame‘s Mood 04:12

Side A total: 18:21


Side B

  1. Susie Sells Seashells At The Seashore 10:03
  1. The Obscure Carousell 05:15
  2. Nomads 07:02

Side B total: 22:20


Side C

  1. Das kleine Uhrwerk 05:06
  2. 177 Spectacular Sunrises 12:10

Side C total: 17:16


Side D (Bonustracks)

  1. Keep On 03:57
  2. First Communication 10:13

Side D total: 14:11

Total: 72:08