• 2CD
  • Date : 30.05.2014
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD 1 : 69:01
  • Running Time CD 2 : 71:08

Birth Control – Collectors Premium “Count On Dracula & Deal Done At Night”

In 1970 the debut album from BIRTH CONTROL was released. The year of their 10th anniversary saw numerous activities which emphasized BC’s top position in the German rock scene. The band recorded a new LP in November 1979 called “Count on Dracula”, which was released as their first production with ARIOLA on 28.1.1980. Bernd Noske, singer and songwriter, who together with Bruno Frenzel formed the musical brain of the band comments, “The LP “Count on Dracula” ties in with “Hoodoo Man”, but at the same time we consider it a completely new beginning”.

After ten years of late experimenting, the masterminds of Birth Control, Bernd ‘Nossi’ Noske and Bruno Frenzel, returned to the strongly rhythmic components of their early phase („Operation“, „Hoodoo Man”) and to their stylish rousing rock in order to combine it with the musical experiences and influences which they had gained in the first ten years of their existence.

After releases like “Plastic People” and “Backdoor Possibilities”, music for minorities and intellectually minded listeners, with crazy melodies and rhythms, the band realized, after a lack of record sales, that the decisions to change the musical direction had been a huge error.

The albums “Count On Dracula” and “Deal Done At Night”, both released in 1980, document their return to classic rock as they had originally begun with the albums “Operation” and “Hoodoo Man”.



CD 1 Count On Dracula
1.    Count On Dracula 06:07
2.    The Rescue (Sometimes In The Future) 06:42
3.    Sad Fan 06:42
4.    Pick On Me 06:36
5.    Caterpillar 05:11
6.    Limelight 03:45
7.    Witchhunters 04:04
8.    Pick On Me (Single-Version) 04:13
9.    Alamo 04:49
10.    Another Death (Live) 06:47
11.    Burnt Gas (Live) 07:18
12.    The Rescue (Live) 06:47

CD 1 total: 69:01



CD 2 Deal Done At Night
1.    Burnt Gas 05:37
2.    He’s In The Right 04:52
3.    Talk To You 04:44
4.    Deal Done At Night 04:20
5.    Don’t Call Me Up 05:25
6.    Absolution 05:25
7.    Another Death 06:05
8.    Gamma Ray (Live) 34:47

CD 2 total: 71:08