Randy Brecker

34th N Lex (ESC Records)

  • CD
  • Date : 27.03.2020
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 56:38

Randy Brecker – 34th N Lex

With a title inspired by trumpeter Randy Brecker’s Manhattan neighborhood, 34th N Lex (ESC) captures the spirit and energy of the city that never sleeps. An all-star horn section that includes Brecker’s brother, tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker, alto saxophonist David Sanborn, baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber and trombonist Fred Wesley provides a vibrant funk feel to several tunes, including the rousing title track, which features Cuber and Michael Brecker engaging in some fiery tradeoffs. The horns combine with Adam Rogers’ nimble guitar lines on “Shanghigh,” and Wesley turns in a wicked solo on the irresistible jam “Give It Up.”



  1. 34th N Lex 6:28
  2. Streeange 4:21
  3. Shanghigh 5:36
  4. All 4 Love 3:36
  5. Let It Go 3:57
  6. Foregone Conclusion 7:40
  7. Hula Dula 5:08
  8. The Fisherman 5:32
  9. Give It Up 5:00
  10. Tokyo Freddie 4:33
  11. The Castle Rocks 4:47

total: 56:38