• Vinyl
  • Date : 15.12.2023
  • Package : limeted colored vinyl
  • Running Time : 39:23
  • Details : limited to 500 copies worldwide

Kevin Coyne – Underground

The last work of Kevin Coyne, recorded between April and October 2004 at MUSICATION Studio Nuremberg/Germany.

Unfortunately, the artist, who never wanted to be a star, passed away in December 2004 and could not witness the release of his work. He was accompanied on this recording by Andreas Blüml and Michael Lipton (acoustic and electric guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass) and finally Werner Steinhauser on drums, who played a major role in the production. At the time, no one could have guessed that this album would be the last of more than 50 predecessors. All the more it deserved the prize of the German Record Critics, which was awarded to him posthumously in 2006. After countless tours and performances, mainly in his adopted country Germany, where he had moved in the eighties, he leaves behind a loyal fan base that will never forget the rebellious, sometimes oddball, but always authentic musician, lyricist, painter and book author from the UK.

From one of his last interviews before his death: “Writing songs is a bit of a technical exercise, but above all a form of self-therapy. Even if I didn’t want to break into the league of stars, it was important for me to make a name for myself.”



Side A:

  1. Underground 04:15
  2. The Way Of The World 03:28
  3. Paper Romance 04:40
  4. He Knows Everything 03:45
  5. Time Moves On 02:56

Side B:

  1. She Said 04:17
  2. Hard And Loud 02:59
  3. Silence, Silence 04:36
  4. Golden Light 03:26
  5. Baby Billy 05:01

Total: 39:23 min.